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Before School 6:30-8:15 Morning Practice
1st Period 8:20-9:07 7th Grade Athletics
2nd Period 9:11-10:03 Conference
3rd Period 10:07-10:54 Texas History
4th Period 10:58-11:45 Texas History
5th Period 11:49-1:19 Texas History & Lunch
6th Period 1:23-2:10 Texas History
7th Period 2:14-2:44 Advisory
8th Period 2:48-3:35  8th Grade Athletics

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Classroom Phone: (830) 627-6435

Girl Coach's Office Phone: (830) 627-6416

**We have moved everything over to Google Classroom this 9 weeks (instead of iTunes U and ebackpack). This is in an effort to provide more helpful feedback to students. Please email me if you'd like a code to view your student's activity in Google Classroom. All tests and quizzes will still be in ebackpack.**

Week of 4/22/19

  • Monday--Video about 1920s (Video Notes = Daily Grade) and class Notes with Emojis.
  • Tuesday--Create groups and plan 1920s Person
  • Wednesday--Create 1920s Person.
  • Thursday--Finish and display 1920s Person
  • Friday--Test 10 (Reforms, Hogg and Populists, Progressivism, World War I, and 1920s) Click here for Review. (Due to GCR by 8:20 am for 5 pts extra credit.)

Week of 4/15/19

  • Monday--Video about WWI 
  • Tuesday--Notes about Texans in WWI
  • Wednesday--Reading and about Pancho Villa; daily grade due at the end of class
  • Thursday--Lesson about Trench Art; students will create their own piece of trench art
  • Friday--Holiday

Week of 4/8/19

  • Monday--Read and watch a video about Populism in Texas in the early 1900s
  • Tuesday--STAAR Writing Test (only classes 6, 7, 8 will meet)
  • Wednesday--Notes over Populism and design a t-shirt.
  • Thursday--Read and notes over Progressivism in Texas in the early 1900s.
  • Friday--Watch a video and answer questions over "The First American Gangsters."

Week of 4/1/19

  • Monday--Work on fracking PSA project (major grade)
  • Tuesday--Finish and turn in fracking PSA project
  • Wednesday--Test 9 (Growth of Industry, King Cotton, Oil Industry, Oil Boom, Fracking)
  • Thursday--Read and take notes over Early Reforms in Texas
  • Friday--Daily assignment on Early Reforms, due at the end of class

Week of 3/25/19

  • Monday--Read and notes about the Texas oil boom of the 1920s and 1930s
  • Tuesday--Boomtown activity
  • Wednesday--Read and watch videos about fracking for natural gas in Texas
  • Thursday--Notes over fracking and start a Public Service Announcement project (major grade, due next week)
  • Friday--Work on fracking PSA

FYI: We are scheduled to have our next test on Wednesday, April 3.

Week of 3/18/19 

  • Monday--Finish Growth of Industry Notes, Company Town Reading/Quiz
  • Tuesday--Starting High Cotton
  • Wednesday--Old times here are not forgotten. (Just kidding, still in the Cotton.)
  • Thursday--
  • Friday--

Week of 3/11/19 

  • Monday-Friday--SPRING BREAK '19 WOOHOO!

Week of 3/4/19 

  • Monday--Science benchmark testing; not all classes will meet
  • Tuesday--Cowboy Poetry activity
  • Wednesday--Test 8 - Turn in review by 8:20 am (no exceptions) for 5 points extra credit. Click here for review!
  • Thursday--Growth of Industry Video
  • Friday-- Growth of Industry Notes

Week of 2/25/19 

  • Monday--Math benchmark testing; not all classes will meet
  • Tuesday--Reading benchmark testing; not all classes will meet
  • Wednesday--Social Studies benchmark testing; not all classes will meet
  • Thursday--Read and take notes over The End of the Open Range
  • Friday--Finish notes; video over American Cowboys

Week of 2/25/19 

  • Monday--Math Benchmark - Testing Schedule
  • Tuesday--Reading Benchmark - Testing Schedule
  • Wednesday--Social Studies Benchmark - Testing Schedule
  • Thursday--We will do something rad with the cotton industry.
  • Friday--We shall keep on keepin' on with the cotton.

Week of 2/18/19 

  • Monday--President's Day Holiday
  • Tuesday--Writing DLA - Testing Schedule
  • Wednesday--Notes over the Cattle Kingdom.
  • Thursday--Finish Notes over the Cattle Kingdom.
  • Friday--Cattle Kingdom Vocabulary Game!

Week of 2/11/19 

  • Monday--Quiz over "Frontier Wars Vocabulary Activity" we did on Friday. Notes and videos over "Frontier Wars." 
  • Tuesday-- Finish notes and videos over "Frontier Wars."
  • Wednesday--Students will write an essay titled "What Texas Means to Me"
  • Thursday--Read and notes over the Cattle Kingdom.
  • Friday--We will have some kind of daily assignment or activity over the Cattle Kingdom.

Week of 2/4

  • Monday--Test 7. Review is due by 8:20 am for 5 pts extra credit!! Use this quizlet set to prepare:
  • Tuesday--  Read in the textbook and take notes over the conflicts on the frontier after the Civil War
  • Wednesday-- finish notes over Frontier Wars and watch short videos about Quanah Parker and Buffalo Soldiers
  • Thursday--complete an assignment about Buffalo Soldiers
  • Friday--read in the textbook and take notes about the Cattle Kingdom in Texas after the Civil War

Week of 1/28

  • Monday--Students will finish the reading and notes that we began as a class on Friday. 
  • Tuesday--Students will watch a 15 minute video about the Civil War and complete an assignment due at the end of class.  
  • Wednesday--Read in the textbook about Reconstruction and begin notes.
  • Thursday--Finish notes over Reconstruction and write a list of 10 challenges faced by Texans during Reconstruction. This will be due at the end of class on Friday, so students may work on it after they finish their test, if needed.
  • Friday--Test 7: topics include "History of New Braunfels," "Texas Secedes," "Texas in the Civil War," and "Reconstruction in Texas."
  • *Test has been moved to MONDAY 2/1! Use this quizlet set to study!!*

Week of 1/22

  • Monday--MLK Holiday
  • Tuesday--We will continue our unit about the history of New Braunfels with a map-making activity. 
  • Wednesday--Students will complete their map which will be a daily grade.
  • Thursday--We will read and take notes over Texas' decision to secede from the United States prior to the Civil War.
  • Friday--Students will have an assignment about Texas' secession.

Week of 1/14

  • Monday--Watch a short video and take notes over the Mexican War. Students will also have an assignment to complete with an adult at home to prepare for a unit on the History of New Braunfels. 
  • Tuesday--Students will complete a map for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday--Test 6 (Will cover Republic of Texas and Mexican War)
  • Thursday--Reading and videos about the history of New Braunfels.  Students will complete notes that will be turned in for a grade upon completion.
  • Friday--Continue with history of New Braunfels, activity to be determined.

Week of 1/7

  • Monday--Read in textbook and take notes over Lamar's term as president of the Republic of Texas.
  • Tuesday--Complete a Venn diagram comparing the presidencies of Houston and Lamar. This is due Wednesday at the beginning of class for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday--Read in textbook and articles about Houston's second term as president of the Republic of Texas and begin Comic Life notes.
  • Thursday--Finish Comic Life notes and begin creating a time capsule for the Republic of Texas time period.
  • Friday--Finish time capsule and turn in for a daily grade.

Week of 12/10

Week of 12/3

  • Monday--Read and take notes over Ch. 10, Sec. 3, "Documents of Independence"
  • Tuesday--Open notes/Open book quiz over Ch. 10, Sec. 3. Read an article about the mystery of Santa Anna's missing leg and why it's in Illinois.
  • Wednesday--Read and take notes about Sam Houston's first term as President of the Republic of Texas.
  • Thursday--Finish notes over Sam Houston's first term.  Begin Ugly Sweater assignment.
  • Friday--Finish and turn in Ugly Sweater assignment.

Week of 11/26

  • Monday--Students will read in the textbook about the final conflicts of the Texas Revolution and update their Texas Revolution Diaries.
  • Tuesday--Students will complete notes over the final conflicts of the Texas Revolution and give Colonel James Fannin a report card for his leadership of troops at Goliad. The report card will be a daily grade.  **Texas Revolution Diaries will be due for a MAJOR GRADE.**
  • Wednesday--**Test 4 corrections are due*** 7th Grade Writing Benchmark
  • Thursday & Friday--Students will learn about the documents that secured Texas' independence from Mexico through a textbook reading, notes and a quiz.

Week of 11/12

  • Monday--Students will illustrate notes over the Battle of the Alamo that we read on Friday, and update their Texas Revolution Diaries. (Reminder that these will be turned in for a MAJOR grade when we finish the Texas Revolution completely.)
  • Tuesday--Students will have a daily assignment about some of the important figures from the Battle of the Alamo, predicting their actions after the battle.
  • Wednesday--review for Test 4 and watch The Alamo. (due by 8:20 am on test day for 5 pts extra credit.) Click here for the review.
  • Thursday--Test 4
  • Friday--Finish The Alamo and turn in discussion questions. 

Week of 11/5

  • Monday--Notes over the reading from Friday, covering some early battles of the Texas Revolution.
  • Tuesday--Small group project to design a recruiting poster for the Texas Revolution.  This will be a daily grade due at the end of class.
  • Wednesday--We will read about the Battle of the Alamo. Students will continue to learn note-taking skills while we read and highlight the text.
  • Thursday--Begin watching The Alamo. Students will have a written assignment to complete as we watch.
  • Friday-- Notes over Wednesday's reading. Watch The Alamo if time permits.
  • We will most likely have a test next week...exact date will be published here as soon as it's determined.

Week of  10/29

  • Monday--Students will have a graded activity, cloze reading passage on the Turtle Bayou Resolutions.
  • Tuesday--Students will complete a worksheet over events leading up to the Texas Revolution.
  • Wednesday--We will talk about and take notes over what we learned while Coach H was out.
  • Thursday--We will read a section in the textbook about the continuing conflict between Texans and Mexican government. Students will begin filling in information in their "Texas Revolution Diary" that will be a major grade upon the completion of the Texas Revolution unit. 
  • Friday--We will watch a video "A Line in the Sand" about the Battle of Gonzales. We will take notes and update our Texas Revolution Diaries.

Week of  10/22

  • Monday--Students will have a graded activity, creating a mock Instagram post as an early Texas colonist.
  • Tuesday--Test 3: Missions and Presidios, The fight for Mexican Independence (1821), Stephen F. Austin's Colony, and Colonial Life in Texas. Click here for the review!
  • Wednesday-Friday--After that I'm pretty sure we start talking about the beginning mumbles of the Texas Revolution. (We will trace the development of events leading to the Texas Revolution including the Fredonian Rebellion, Mier y Teran Report, and the Law of April 6, 1830.)


Week of 10/15

  • Monday--Students will have a graded activity over the vocabulary terms from Anglo Americans in Texas.
  • Tuesday--Students will learn about and take notes over Stephen F. Austin's Colony. 
  • Wednesday--Students will have a graded activity choosing colonists for a colony of their own.
  • Thursday--Students will watch a video and take notes over Colonial Life in Texas; notes will be graded.
  • Friday--Students will create mock Instagram posts depicting their lives as though they were living in Texas in the 1800s. These will be due on Monday, Oct. 23.
  • Test 3 will be on Monday, Oct. 23.  Topics tested will be "Early Spanish Texas," "The Spanish Missions," "Colonists Rebel," "Anglo Americans in Texas," and "Austin's Colony."


Week of 10/8

  • Monday --Students will create memes about the Mexican War for Independence. These will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday-- We will read a section from our textbook and watch a short video about Early Spanish Texas.
  • Wednesday--Students will learn some vocabulary terms relating to Early Spanish Texas and take a quiz in Socrative.
  • Thursday-- Q1 District Level Assessment (Benchmark)
  • Friday--We will read a section from our textbook about Anglo Americans in Texas and begin notes.


Week of 10/1 

  • Monday & Tuesday-- We will read several articles and take notes over the Spanish Missions system in Texas.  Notes will be turned in for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday-- Students will complete a mosaic about the Spanish Missions in Texas.
  • Thursday-- Test 2: The Constitution, Preamble and Bill of Rights, Spanish Explorers, LaSalle and Spanish Missions in TX. Click here for the review.
  • Friday--We will read and begin notes on Early Spanish Texas.


Week of 9/24

  • Monday - Finish reading and notes about Spanish explorers in TX.  Students will have an assignment to complete.
  • Tuesday--read a play about the French explorer LaSalle and his failed expedition to TX. 
  • Wednesday--complete an assignment about LaSalle and begin watching a documentary about the excavation of his shipwreck, LaBelle
  • Thursday--finish documentary and take a quiz.

Week of 9/17

  • Monday - Celebrating Constitution week we will watch a Constitution video and take a quiz. Then we will discuss Test Corrections and missing work.
  • Tuesday - Wednesday we will cover the Bill of Rights.
  • Thurday - Friday we begin Spanish Explorers,

Week of 9/9

  • Monday - Thursday We will Read Ch 3.2 and 4.2. Working together and independently we complete a chart organizing information on the regions of Texas and the early people that lived there. We will submit the chart for a daily grade on Thursday.
  • On Friday we have our first test over Geography of Texas and Sources of Information. Click here for the review. (Review due by 8:20 on test day for extra credit.)

Week of 9/3

  • Monday - Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday-Wednesday We will have a crash course intro to Texas with a map of the major cities, rivers, and border states. Map will be a daily grade.
  • Thursday - Friday We will tackle Primary and Secondary sources. There will be some reading, notes, group/partner activities, and a daily grade mixed in for fun!
  • On Friday the first All Pro Dads will meet in the Library. Click here for more information on APD!

Week of 8/27

  • This is where you will find a basic weekly agenda including information about upcoming tests and projects. The first week we will be doing a lot of "getting to know each other" activities as well as discussing procedures and expectations.
  • Click here for a Syllabus for this school year!

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