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Grades: 6-8  

Reading Interventionist

Oak Run Middle School

Welcome to Target Reading Class

     The goal of this class is for your student to close the gaps in their reading skills and to grow in the area of STAAR. As a class, we will be involved in many different novel studies focusing on good ol’reading and the skill set that follows when one reads a book. This is a non graded class with zero homework. We work hard in class and if they need help with work from their regular ELA class, they can visit me during tutoring.:)

     Back in elementary, students loved to read. Well, at least more than they do now.:) My goal is to rediscover this love for reading, so that they may become lifelong readers who are successful in life. Factually speaking, there is a direct link to success and being a reader. Just check out the benefits below:

10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

  • Mental Stimulation. ...
  • Stress Reduction. ...
  • Knowledge. ...
  • Vocabulary Expansion. ...
  • Memory Improvement.
  • Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills. ...
  • Improved Focus and Concentration. ...
  • Better Writing Skills.

And remember…the only true way to get better at reading is to read!! DO IT DAILY!:)


Daily Target Reading Schedule

1st period 8th grade:  8:20-9:07

2nd period: 6th grade:  9:11-10:03

3rd period 6th grade:  10:07-10:54

4th period 7th grade:  10:58-11:45

5th Conference Period:  11:45-1:19

6th period 7th grade:  1:23-2:10

7th period 7th Target Advisory:  2:14-2:44

8th period 7th grade:  2:48-3:35

Contact Information


Phone: (830) 627-8511

If you should need me for any reason, please feel free to contact me by phone or vis email. I will respond within 24 hours.

Thanks a ton!

Tutoring Days and Times

Wednesday: 8:00-8:20 AM/3:35-4:00 PM

Thursday: 8:00-8:20 AM/3:35-4:00 PM

August 27-31

Ice Breaker Activities

Classroom expectations

Class syllabus overview

Start Elements of Plot


September 7

October 5

November 2

December 7

January 11

February 1

March 1

April 5

May 3

Please consider visiting our school on these dates! Breakfast is served at every meeting YUM! Donuts!

September 3-7

Labor Day off

All grade levels will continue gaining knowledge on why reading is so important in their present day lives and to their future.

Story Elements begin through the use of fairy tales!

September 10-14

Students will continue to work on identifying and applying the 6 elements of plot through the use of classroom read aloud books and their grade level novel. All grades will begin their selected class novel study this week.

8th: Orbiting Jupiter

7th: Legend

6th: Sticks & Stones

Self selected fiction books from the library need to be read in their entirety by September 24 for a project. Please make sure they are reading 15-20 minutes a day. SSR time will be giving in class as well.

Thank you for your support!

September 17-21

All grade levels will be be ready to show mastery of elements of plot by Friday!

All grade levels will continue grade level novel studies while working on internal/external character traits

Please have your student read their fiction book that is due on Monday, September 24 for a story elements project the week of the fair.

They are reading like crazy and half of them are already done with their books. This is half the battle of becoming a reader for life!

Makes My Heart Happy

     September 24-27

All grade levels will be working on their book report projects while continuing their class novel study.

All students are to have read their fiction novel by Monday, September 24 in order to complete the project. I will keep all projects in a file until we are done reading all genres. At which point, we will compile them into an individual scrapbook!

Comal Fair Holiday Friday, September 28th!

October 1-5

All grade levels will continue their grade level novel studies! Students are half way through and are loving them!

Working on plot development, internal/external character traits, main idea and details

All grade levels will also start our "PLOT PBL" project as well this week! Should be exciting for the teams to create something new!

Checkpoints start on Tuesday!

Library Day on Wednesday. I will be asking students to check out an expository book for our next project. Ask them about their fiction book sandwich today!:) They all did amazing!

October 8-12

All classes will be kicking off our "PICK UP MY PLOT" PBL this week. They will be applying their mastery level of the elements of plot to a creative end product. Don't hesitate to ask them about how it is going!

October 8 is the reading benchmark

October 9 is the revising and editing benchmark.

Students will take their benchmark test in their ELA classroom.

All classes will continue their novel studies. 

8th grade is DONE with Orbiting Jupiter

6th and 7th are right at the halfway mark!

Great things happening!

October 12 is the faculty/student volleyball game. In order to watch the game, students need to bring a $1 to their 8th period teacher. Should be a good time!

October 15-19

8th grade: Continue working on skills menu from Orbiting Jupiter

7th grade: finishing Legend by the end of the week

6th grade: finishing Sticks & Stones by the end of the week

All grade levels have kicked out off our "PICK UP MY PLOT" PBL and they are doing outstanding!

October 22-26

All classes will be moving to identifying a writing implicit theme from a work of fiction. 

We will begin with making the following metaphoric anchor charts on Monday...Theme is the creme inside the cupcake!

7th grade will finish Legend this week as well as working on theme

6th grade finished Sticks and Stones and will continue PLOT PBL

8th grade has finished their task menu and will continue PLOT PBL

Pep Rally on Thursday!

October 29-November 2

All classes will complete theme activities by Monday with a Buncee page from their class novel study.:)

They are truly Theme Kings and Queens! Ask them how to identify and write theme after reading a work of fiction. They are true masters!

They can also email you their Buncee pages once they are done if you would like to see them!

All classes will be completing their Plot PBL projects this week by Friday! I will post pictures of their finals once complete!

Look below at some of my 6th grade Theme Kings!

November 5-9

All classes will be starting a new novel called A Monster Calls while focusing on Tone and Mood.

Students are also starting to read their Expository book in order to create their second page of their Genre Scrapbook.

Students will be watching A Monster Calls next week once they pass their Quizizz!

7th: finishing theme statements from Legend and creating their Buncee page

6th & 8th are done!

November 26-30

We finished A Monster Calls test and movie the week before Thanksgiving break. We didn't have one grade below an 80! The movie was awesome and I encourage you to ask your child about the book!

This week will be creating expository brochures with student chosen books. This will be their second page in their genre scrapbook.

All classes are working identifying tone and mood in music as well as literature. These two are closely related yet very different. 

Writing Benchmark: Wednesday, November 28

December 3-7

All classes will be starting our third novel study and will finish before the break. We will be working in the genre of HUMOR with this one. 

All grade levels will be working on a grade level STAAR passage in prep for their Reading Benchmark on December 18th. We will be completing this passage on Thursday during class.  

December 10-14

All grades levels did amazing on their STAAR passage practice! Ask them about our bowling day tp celebrate!!

All grade levels will finish The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this week and take a quizizz by the end of the week. Students will also be doing a grade level STAAR passage in prep for their benchmark on the week before the holiday break!

December 17-21

Benchmark week: I allowed my students to take pics on their phone or iPad for this week's testing schedule!!

Good Luck to all of them!

Reading benchmark is on Tuesday!

Early Release on Friday at 2:05

January 14-18

All grade levels have started Verse Novels written in poetry format.

Classes started the week we came back from break....January 7-10

6th & 7th: The Crossover about the game of life and basketball

8th: Long Way Down about the cycle of gang life

We are studying elements of figurative language through these novels and are currently involved in creating onomatopoeia art! Pretty creative kids here!:)

January 22-15

All classes will be wrapping up figurative language this week by taking a final Quizizz on Friday demonstrating mastery.

All classes will also be finishing up their verse novels and taking final Quizzes on those, too! The verse novels have been ohhhhh so good! Ask today!

Students will be starting and finishing a self-selected biography book this week and starting a biography project using the Buncee app. After this project is completed, students will take they knowledge of their person and writing a poem in the form of rhyme. We will take final poems and turn them into a technology project for page 3 of the Genre Scrapbooks that we have started!

Very proud of each and every one of them! February benchmarks coming up so STAAR passage over the next two weeks!

January 28-Feb. 1

Students will bet taking novel test on their current verse novel that we finished in class! Students will also be testing on figurative language as well. 

STAAR Passage on Wednesday

Biography project work all week and into the next. Project one is a Biography Buncee with project number 2 being a student written poem about their famous person implementing what they learned during our figurative language study!

Ask you child today which famous person they chose!

February 11-15

Students will be wrapping up their 2nd biography project and starting their new novels this week.

6th: Long Walk to Water

7th-8th: Monster (written in script format)

Students created Biography Buncee projects and wrote original poems in rhyming format on their selected person of interest. They were AMAZING! They are typing them out using google docs and then overlaying their poem on a selected photograph. These projects will be their 3rd page in their genre scrapbook.

Elements of a Drama will be studying this week. Students will complete a STAAR drama passage in class practicing applying the skills they have learned.:)

Happy Valentine's Day on Thursday everyone!

February 19-22


Revising/editing with a writing prompt for a full essay



Reading Benchmark will be a full release test!!

February 25-March 1

MATH DLA: Feb. 25 Monday

READING DLA: Feb. 26 Tuesday

SOCIAL STUDIES DLA: Feb. 27 Wednesday

Please stress to your child that these are the last DLA tests of the year and they will count as a test grade in most classes. It is also their last opportunity to practice before STAAR. 8th grade first admin is coming up in April.:)

All classes will continue our class novel, STANDING GROUND. Students are building a Spark Page for this novel while working on skills.

March 18-22

All classes will continue to work on their Adobe Spark Page filled with STAAR skills!

Spark Pages cover our class novel: Standing Ground

8th: 2 weeks until first administration of STAAR Reading!!!!

6th and 7th: STAAR Reading May 14th

March 25-29

Point of View Work 

Finish Standing Ground

Complete Spark Page websites

April 15-18

All classes will be starting their last novel study of the year!


6th-7th: We will continue to prep for STAAR Reading which is headed their way in mid May.

8th grade 1st admin results will be in soon so be on the look out for their scores. 

Good Friday Holiday April 19!!!

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