Welcome to
KRE Music classes
for Kinder – 5th grade  with Mrs. Cathy Clark!

Hello, my name is Cathy Clark!
Though I've been teaching music for 32 years, this is my tenth year at Klein Road Elementary School. Originally from Dallas, TX, I first attended Centenary College in Louisiana, but graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Music. I have Level I Certification/training in both Orff-Schulwerk and Kodàly.

Several years ago I was one of the three co-founders/directors of the NBISD Elementary Honor Choir, which was unfortunately suspended when the district went K-5 in all elementary schools.  It has also been a real privilege to be a partner-director with the Mid-Texas Symphony's Children's Choir for many Christmas Concerts over the past 20+ years.
My class schedule follows this pattern:

7:15–7:35      "Tootering" or Announcements
7:50–8:35      4th grade
8:40–9:25      Conference
9:30–10:15     2nd grade
11:00–11:00   1st grade
11:00–11:45   Mon. & Tue. = Lunch Duty, Wed.–Fri. =  Planning
11:45–12:15   LUNCH
12:15–1:00     Kinder
1:05–1:50      3rd grade
1:55–2:40      5th grade

(Fridays are RHYTHMS days - each class participates in movement activities in Special Areas:
20 min. in the gym and 20 min. with me, either outside or in the Music Room.)

2:45–4:00     Choir Club

Contact me:
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. The BEST way to contact me is by email: cclark@nbisd.org - I usually reply within 8 hours. My phone number at KRE is 221-1743, and I try to reply to phone messages within 24 hours.
I am a member of / support:

Texas Music Educators Association
Texas Choral Directors Association
Central Texas Orff
Kodàly Educators of Texas
Mid-Texas Symphony
Circle Arts Theater
New Braunfels Music Study Club
First United Methodist Church New Braunfels
Oakwood Baptist Church



The following is an interactive recorder fingering chart to help you with homework:

Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart

Below, you'll find many links to various interactive music websites
that are fun and educational. Stay, play, and have fun!


The following sites have lots of fun activities from experimenting with rhythm, tempo, instruments of the orchestra, making up your own compositions, etc.  Go PLAY!

San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra - Kids



Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Kids

The last sites have recorder activities or help.  Have FUN!

Recorder Karate

Studio Kay - for recorders


KRE 10th Annual Talent Show is scheduled for May 24th at 6:00 pm


  • Our next few rehearsals need to be "performance ready".
  • Your child needs to come in before school to record their own act's introduction - it takes 5-10 min.

  • We WILL have rehearsals on May 15 & 16. These will be DRESS rehearsals for each group, since we have a faculty meeting the next Wed. All acts will need to bring the outfit  shoes they plan to wear for the TS; shoes (especially for girls) can make a BIG difference on timing.

  • MANDATORY Tech/Dress rehearsal: 3–5:00 pm Tues., May 22. ALL STUDENTS will stay until 5pm. We will practice IN ORDER, and add the curtain call (bows), too.

  • There's only 1 practice that week, so both Tue., & Wed. groups MUST combine - this is our only entire show rehearsal, and there will be no leaving early. Pick-up time is at 5pm.

  • The 3 performances are: 6:00 pm Thur., May 24, and 2 assemblies on Fri., May 25 at 8:00 & 9:15 am (or as close as we can get).
  • Mark your calendars with the above info!
  • Ticket info will be sent out next week!


Students will need to practice at home; click the link below to practice singing their songs.



To access any of the song files for the 3rd or 4th grade PTA songs below,



LOGIN: student's first initial, last name, & last 4 digits of Student ID (lunch number)
no spaces

PASSWORD: entire Student ID (lunch number)



Students should be practicing these songs for their PTA program, click here!

A PDF of the word sheets are also available to print.







In Music class, KRE students are expected to:

     * consistently follow all directions.

     * consistently demonstrate respectful behavior and listening skills.

     * consistently demonstrate appropriate use of all materials and equipment.

     * consistently demonstrate, through performance and activities, an understanding of all skills and             TEKS.

Conduct in Music:

Special Areas teachers make conduct marks in a folder which goes with their homeroom class.
Their teacher then transfers those conduct marks into the student's agenda or home folder to
inform parents of any issues for that day. When a student is misbehaving, I give a warning on the
first infraction, then fill out a Student Incident Report on the second infraction. This will automatically bring the child's daily music grade to an S or N, depending on 
the severity/amount of learning time
lost. Students may not make up grades which were lowered due to behavior problems.



Grading guidelines for KRE Music:

All students are expected to consistently demonstrate proficiency towards improving upon or mastery
of their music education grade level TEKS.

E = Excellent: (90-100)
Your child shows consistent proficiency in mastery of (or improving upon) his/her grade level's music education TEKS. These students participate fully, put forth their best effort with a good attitude and their behavior or conduct does not interfere with their ability to participate or
perform safely. They try their best and bring necessary materials to class for participation.

S = Satisfactory: (80-89)
Your child shows frequent proficiency in mastery of (or improving upon) his/her grade level's
music education TEKS. These students participate at a satisfactory level with few or no behavior problems. They try all or most of the activities presented to them with a good attitude. Their behavior or conduct periodically interferes with their ability (or others' ability) to perform and or to perform safely. They sometimes forget to bring necessary materials to class for participation.

N = Needs Improvement: (70-79)
Your child shows occasional proficiency in mastery of (or improving upon) his/her grade level's music education TEKS. These students sometimes participate but with a less than desirable attitude or at an unsatisfactory level. They receive many verbal reminders for not following directions or breaking school rules. Their behavior or conduct occasionally affects their participation, the ability for others to participate, and the safety of others. They may do just
enough to get by and often forget to bring necessary materials to class for participation.

U = Unsatisfactory: (69 or less) Your child shows little or no proficiency in mastery of (or improving upon) his/her grade level's music education TEKS. These students sometimes refuse to participate, or do so with a less than desirable attitude. They perform at an
unsatisfactory level and may receive several daily verbal reminders for not following instructions. Their behavior affects their ability (and others' ability) to participate, and compromises the safety
of others. They show little concern for improvement, often forget to bring necessary materials for class, or frequently break school rules.

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