Diane-Caprice Felger Adams

aka Cappy Felger Adams

aka Sra. Adams

Spanish Teacher since 1994


Welcome to Introduction to Spanish and the 2018-2019 school year.  I am so excited to be your child's teacher and I look forward to a wonderful school year full of learning and fun.


Sra. Felger Adams

HYPERLINK cadams@nbisd.org

The syllabus, supplies and grading policy can all be found on my teacher website.

La evaluación (Assessment):

1. Los examenes y los proyectos grandes (escritos y orales 50%)

Exams and major projects (written and oral 50%)

2. Las pruebitas, la participación, el trabajo de la clase y los proyectos pequeños (escritos y orales 40% )

Daily i.e. quizzes, participation, classwork and small projects (written and oral 40 %)

3. La tarea y crédito extra (escrito y oral) 10%

Homework and extra credit

Total : 50% +40% +10% =100%

FYI: According to district policy, there must be at least 3 exam or major project grades, 9 daily grades and 3 homework grades per 9 weeks.

Any failed exams, tests or quizzes may be retaken after a tutorial has been attended. The two exam grades will be averaged together. If neither grade is passing, then the higher of the two grades will be recorded.

Cheating will be taken VERY SERIOUSLY. Any student caught cheating will receive an automatic zero on that work. Parents or guardians will be notified. Have confidence in yourself! Do your own work! Copying homework IS cheating too!

********!Entrega tu trabajo a tiempo!********

All work missed when absent can be made up, however the type of absence determines the grade scale.

Work assigned during an excused or unexcused absence will follow the late policy found in the student handbook.

Attendance is very important. When you are absent you miss important instruction and information. Please try your best to attend EVERY class. REMEMBER: It is the student’s responsibility to gather and turn in work missed when absent.

Tardies are not a good thing either. They lead to lunch detention and a loss of important instruction. In the real world excessive absences and tardies lead to job loss.

Let’s create good habits now! Do your best to be on time!

Nombre del estudiante ___________________________________________

(Printed name of student)

*********************He leído el sistema de evaluación en

la clase de Sra. Adams y entiendo el sistema.

*********************I have read the grading policy for Sra. Adams’ Spanish class and understand the policy.


(Firma del estudiante y fecha)

(Signature of student)


(Firma de los padres y la fecha)

(Signature of parent/parents)

# de teléfono________________________

# célular___________________________

e-mail for Monday Mail List_______________________



In addition to your IPAD, online textbook and state issued workbook pages, you will need the following supplies in order to be successful in “la clase de español”.

a “ Know I Can “ attitude

an open mind

a caring heart



# 2 pencils

a black or blue pen

a spiral notebook

a pocket folder with brads

a Spanish / English dictionary (New World, Barron’s, University of Chicago, Larrouse or Velasquez) or equivalent App on your IPAD

dry erase markers (odorless)

****** See Señora Adams if you have ANY difficulty with this list.

Food and drink (except water )are not permitted in the classroom,; however, cultural days may include food projects. When this occurs, additional supplies may be requested to be brought by the students such as paper plates, napkins, etc. Note… Tissues are needed year round and are appreciated at any time. !Muchas Gracias!

Let’s have a great year!

! Arriba el español !


Cappy Felger Adams

Welcome to Introduction to Spanish and the 2016-2017 school year.  I am so excited to be your child's teacher and I look forward to a wonderful school year full of learning and fun.


Sra. Felger Adams

HYPERLINK cadams@nbisd.org

The syllabus, supplies and grading policy can all be found on my teacher website.

Introduction to Spanish

1st period Intro.

2nd period Intro.

3rd period Intro.

4th period Intro.

5th period Intro.

6th period Conference

7th period 6th Grade Advisory

8th period Intro.

Tutorials 2nd semester:

AM : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

PM: Monday, Thursday

Introduccio´n al espan~ol 2017.docx

 Cappy Felger Adams

Rm. 632

ORMS 830-627-6400

Telephone in Rm : 830-627- 6455


FYI:(E-mail is my preferred way of contact.)

  • Introductions

    Getting to know each other




    alphabet, vowels, sounds, etc.

    numbers 0-100

    Basic classroom commands

  • Sept. 3 Labor Day No School


    Open House tonight

    PTA 6:00

    I TUNES U set up



    Informal and Formal registry

    Meeting and greeting each other

    Presentaciones (I TUNES U)

    Spell your name using the Spanish alphabet

    Sing: ¿Cómo se dice?

    Buenas días, ¿Cómo está?


    Days of the week and months (homework)

    Thurs.: Picture Day / Look your best!

    Greeting cartoon homework and review for test

    Fri.: Test. over alphabet, cognates, greetings, farewells, introductions, colors, days of the week and months of the year

  • Sept. 11-15

    Monday:Use homework (cartoon skit) to act out skit in class

    Word search of colors and shapes

    Tuesday: Finish acting acting out skits using Greeting cartoon if not finished

    WS with numbers and Math


    Say Math problems and answers in Spanish

    Line talk with Math

    Sing and act out  the Jokey Pokey

    The body and face



    Read articles and textbook about the importance of studying Spanish and create posters to present to the class.

    Why study Spanish? Posters in partners


    National Hispanic Month begins

    Independence dates of Hispanic countries

    Saying important dates in Spanish

    Finish Why study Spanish? posters

  •  Tuesday :Open House

    GT / ESL 5:30

    PTA 6:00 (cafeteria)

    Class rotation follows PTA meeting

    Encourage your students to try hard and to keep up the good work!  Remember, Spanish is continuously being recycled and reviewed.

    Please check out the www.spanishspanish.com website.  It is great for Spanish students!



    Tú vs Usted   informal and formal registry txtbk.p.5

    Wednesday : Quiz

    Thursday: Skit What is your name?

    Where are you from?


    TPR Common classroom commands

    Hmwk.Comic Strip Presentation of friends with colors (Due Monday)

    Friday: spanishspanish.com


    Months, days of the week and birthdays

    Sing songs:

    ¿Cómo se dice?

    Buenos días

    El lunes estoy en Canada

    Review of vowels with Unicorn Cheer

  • Monday:

    This week on Friday, we will have our first celebration for National Hispanic Month, the independence of 5 Central American countries and for Mexican Independence.  Students may bring cookies and juice to share with the class.  Please check with me to see what is needed.  Small plates, napkins and small cups are always welcome.

     Monday: Dates in Spanish

    Why study Spanish? posters and presentations

    Math connections and numbers

    W/S. Simple math in Spanish

    Wednesday : Why study Spanish?

    Google Slides project with partner

    Review dates and numbers

    Go over requirements for posters and presentations.

    Thursday:Why study Spanish?

    Work in pairs

    Continue reading articles.

    National Hispanic Month continued


    Maps and Independence dates

    Miguel Hidalgo = The Father of Mexico

    Friday:  FIESTA. Postponed until Thursday Sept. 27, 2018

    National Hispanic Month continued


    Maps and Independence dates

    Focus: Mexico and Central America

    Capital Rock song

    Miguel Hidalgo = The Father of Mexico

    National Hispanic Month Fiesta

    Cookies and Juice

    El Grito reenacted by the President of Mexico

    Lotería nacional


  • National Hispanic Month Celebration on Thursday,

    Sept. 27, 2018



    Juice boxes or pouches


    Loteria Nacional

    Memory game with definite articles

    Unicorn Cheer in Spanish


    Finish Google Slides project

    Why study Spanish?

    Tuesday: Presentations in class.

      Wednesday:Finish presentations.

    Telling time

    Skits introducing time.

    Song about time:

    ¿Qué hora es Marita?


    Song : ¿Qué hora es Marita?

    What time is it?

    At what time is ________

    TV guide practice


    Fiesta for National Hispanic Month

    (Cookies and juice)

    Loteria Nacional/ Mex. Bingo

    Memory game / Introduction to Definite articles

    Pep Rally @ 3:00

    Friday: No School

    Fair Day

    No School

  • Monday and Tuesday


    Major Exam

    This will be the last major exam for the 1st 9wks.  

    This will allow for corrections, re teach and re testing if necessary.

    Everything we have studied since last major exam.

    Time,at what time,  weather,seasons, dates, Independence, concept of gender, definite and indefinite articles, the body, classroom commands, classroom items and colors


    Tema 1A with vocabulary

    A primera vista p. 24

    Me gusta

    No me gusta

    Infinitives (bailar = to dance)

    ps. 24-33

    Acts. 1-10


    Me gusta

    No me gusta

    Make flashcards with infinitives

    Line talk with infinitives


    Me gusta

    No me gusta

    Line talk with classes and sports

    Me gusta: The video


    Me gusta

    No me gusta

    Line talk with infinitives, classes, sports and food


    End of 1st Nine week grading period

    PTA WALK-A-Thon

    Video : The Colombian Exchange (Columbus video)

  • Monday:  Studyspanish.com

    Positive and Negative characteristics

    Review for vocabulary test Tema 1B

    Tell each other where we went and what we did over the break.

    Pass back all papers still not passed back


    Tema 1B Vocabulary test over adjectives

    Guided practice:

    the verb

    ser = to be

    present tense


    Finish for homework if not completed in class.

    Wednesday: ELA Testing

    8:20 - 11:40

    Modified schedule

    Meet 5th - 8th

    Afternoon classes:


    present tense ser with pronouns

    Regular lunches


    Morning classes repeat Wed. afternoon classes 


    Noun, verb and adjective agreement W/S with ser


    Subject pronouns and ser

    studyspanish.com lessons and quizzes.

    • Mon. The verb ser = to be

      W/S subject, verb and adjective agreement

      Taller than

      shorter than

      más alta que

      Video over ser


      A primera vista and re teach videos over adjectives, definite and indefinite articles and subject pronouns.

      Tema 2A

      Eyeball the chapter and concepts.


      Video historia

      The verb tener = to have

      What classes do you have?

      Write down class times, classes and teachers.

      Thursday :

      At what time?

      A que hora?

      Practice saying at what time events take place.


      Introduce AR verbs in the present tense

      hablar, practicar and estudiar

      Guided practice worksheet

  • Welcome back to 2018!  Hope everybody had a wonderful break!

    In the 3rd 9 wks. we will cover Tema 2B, Tema 3A and Tema 3B of our textbook in addition to constantly reviewing, revisiting and reteaching previous concepts.

    Monday: Welcome back!

    Brainstorm verbs

    Write verbs on the board to create fly swatter game.

    Critical question:

    What do we do during the break?

    Play fly swatter game with generated verbs.

    Play family feud to review last semester information  and get the students back into Spanish.


    Review games continue.  Getting back into the swing of it.

    Loteria with common AR, IR and ER verbs


    Storyboard rough draft practice with partner.

    Review ar verb conjugation.

    Introduce er / ir verb conjugations.

    Guided practice with present tense verb conjugation.

    Storyboard. Write a story with illustrations about what we typically do over the break. (Practice with partner first)

    Title the story

    Use the we form.

     Write at least one negative sentence...what we don't do.

    Illustrate every sentence or main idea in the story.

    Read your story.

    What do we do during the break?

    Include: Escrito por:(Written by)

    Thursday: Continue working on story board



    Sing : Where's the train station?

    Una pera y dos bananas

    Tema 2B and prepositions of place W/S (vocabulary production)

    Use TPR to demostrate prepositions of place.


    Practice new vocabulary

    Vocabulary practice with whiteboards

    Play Where's Waldo?

    Vocabulary quiz over Tema 2B will be on Wednesday, Jan. 17th.


  • Monday :MLK No School Bad weather make up day

    Tuesday:Finish recording Spark video / Googles slides project.  Send it to Sra. Adams and another teacher at ORMS.

    When video is complete, work on review worksheet for the TEST on Thursday.


    Watch videos in class and take down 5 notes on each video seen.

    Review for test.  Go over review worksheet.

    Thursday :

    Test over Spark video projects.

    Ar, Er and Ir verbs in the present tense.  

    The verb ir = to go in the present tense.

    Friday: Tema 2B 

    Introduction of new vocabulary.  Where are things located in the classroom?




  • Tema3A

    Monday: Special Testing schedule

    Me gusta review


    Special testing schedule

    Me gusta review

    Wednesday: Tema 3A

    Thursday: Games

    Review games

    Friday :

    Video Tema 3A

    ER and IR verb review in the present tense


    La lluvia de hamburguesas

  • Tema 3B

    Monday : 

    Turn in homework WS

    (Assigned Wed. of last week)

    ¿Qué cenamos hoy?/ El restaurante

    What's for dinner?/

    The restaurant

    Videos y apuntes.

    Videos and notes

    El piramide nutritiva

    The food pyramid

    Google doc post quiz


    Saludable or no?

    Health or not healthy


    Tasty or not?

    Healthy or not?

    Manos a la obras

    Textbook acts. 5,9, El Coco Loco


    Acts. 19, 20 , 21, 22 and 24


    Tema 3B

    Listening activities

    Tema 3B



  • Tema 4B

    ¿Quieres ir conmigo?

    Do you want to go with me?

    Asking, accepting and declining invitations

    How are you feeling?

    to go


    the verb jugar and other boot verbs



    Selena Quintanilla Perez

    Born April 16, 1971

    Died March 31, 1995


  • Mini Fiesta : el cinco de mayo (Salsa making contest / on Friday) (culture)


    The history behind:

    el cinco de mayo (history connection)

    Skit :

    Bravo Sra. de Ortiz

    Start reviewing for EOC

    Practice for proficiency exam

    Tuesday :

    Finish up with Bravo, Sra. de Ortiz

    Start Quizlet proficiency review

    Questions posted in ITUNES

    Make papel picado for the hall (connection to culture and art)


    Field Trip to the Missions

    Sing: Buenos días, ¿Cómo está?

    Read about Goya and Picasso

    el dos y tres de mayo

    Skit: ¿Cómo te llamas?

    Work on Quizlet

    oral proficiency 

    Thursday :

    Pep Rally Schedule (Fiesta theme)

    No advisory

    Read about El cinco de mayo : Pick student to be the teacher during reading

    Work on Crossword over el cinco de mayo 

    Continue ProficiencyPractice/ quizlets

    Friday : El cinco de mayo : Mini fiesta/ Salsa tasting contest

    Students may bring some type of candy, cookies, chips or juice to share with the class, if they are not entering the salsa contest.

    El cinco de mayo (fiesta)

    Student lead: Loteria Nacional

  • Monday and Tuesday:

    Unannounced student bench mark to pinpoint student level and to document student progress and growth in the Spring.

    The same exam will be administered at the end of April to determine student progress and growth in the class.

    Wednesday:Song: ¿Qué hora es Marita?

    Skit with time

    Time on spanishspanish.com


    Warm up:

    Time on flashcards

    Skits with time

    Hmwk.:Act. 3

    ¿Que hora es?



    Gender of Nouns 

    Flashcards with nouns and definite articles

    ps. 10-11 la sala de clases

    Definite and Indefinite articles :Watch you tube video (Take notes)

    Definite and Indefinite article practice


    Homework W/S Para Empezar ps. 4-6

  • Monday:  2nd nine weeks begins

    Go over extra credit shoe box altar. Extra credit homework assignment for Day of the Dead Celebration on Oct. 28 in downtown NB. 5pm - 10pm   Farmer's Market

    Warm-up Verbs (spanishspanish.com)

    Me gusta with infinitivesWS

    Countries, capitals with partner

    Rock the capitals

    Homework: study for quiz

    AR, ER and IR verbs


    QUIZ over infinitives and the verb gustar

    Pass out requirements for extra credit Day of the Dead Project

    Wednesday: Day of the Dead letter

    Wings over Mexico ( article/ITUNES)

    Butterfly Project for Day of the Dead

    Negative expression with me gusta W/S

    Thursday:¿Cómo eres?  Descriptions.

    Download Adobe Voice for project

    Go over requirements for project.

    Get started on Me gusta project.


    Work on Me gusta project

    Thursday: Work on Me gusta project

    Friday: Start group project with the Calacas


  • Muchas gracias to all the parents who sent hot chocolate and goodies for our Día de los Muertos Celebration on Friday.  You are AWESOME!!!

    Monday: Tema1A

    Likes and Dislikes

    Negative statements

    Agreement and Disagreement

    Acts. 21-23 pgs. 42-43

    Gramativa video

    Hmwk. W/S pgs. 13-14


    Hispanic dances

    Countries and capitals

    Lectura : Letters from students in the Hispanic World


    Review for test 1A

    W/S Packet


    Major Exam


    Infinitive verbs

    AR, ER and IR

    ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

    ¿Te gusta bailar?

    Sí, me gusta mucho bailar.

    No, no me gusta nada bailar.

    Me gusta montar en monopatín.

    A mí también.

    No me gusta escribir cuentos.

    A mí tampoco.

    Los Días de los Muertos

    Countries and capitals


  • Parents,

    Please try your very best to have all students in class on Thursday and Friday for their mid term benchmark.

    Please try to avoid scheduling any appointments for Thursday and Friday or picking them up early during their Spanish class.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    Benchmark tutorials will be held every day after school this week from 3:35 - 4:15. 

    All students are encouraged to attend.

    Monday :

    Video:Conjugations back.

    Conjugation practice on whiteboards.

    Sing songs for review

    Remind students about AR reteach verb poster (Due tomorrow)

    Tuesday: Pass out and start review packets for Benchmark (Due on Friday)

    Temas PE and 1A

    Watch gramativas of each chapter

    Work on review packets in groups

    Wednesday : Watch txtbk videos Temas 1B and 2A

     Continue Benchmark review in groups

    Check with key

    Thursday : SPANISH Benchmark Part 1

    Friday :Spanish Benchmark Part 2

    Review Packets due



  • Monday:Tema 2B

    A primera vista

    Bingo: Where's Waldo?

    Song:  ¿Donde está la terminal?

    Tuesday:  Videohistoria with w/s

    Wednesday:  Videos over estar

    Take notes


    Friday:  Guided practice page

    estar = to be


  • Monday: Gramative estar and plurals of nouns and articles

    estar WS

    Tuesday :  Cultural notes with partners

    Wednesday: Where are". Internet


    Review for test

    Thursday ; EXAMEN TEMA 2B

    Friday: Re teach scavenger hunt

  • Monday: Sing :

    .Jugo de Naranja song

    Discuss the artwork of Fernando Botero

    Work with ¡Por supuesto! and ¡Qué asco! Speaking activity

    Work with ways of saying you like and don't like at all.

    Finish up worksheets from Friday.


    Sing Jugo de Naranja

    Ask questions about Botero

    Repeat ¡Por supuesto! and 1Que asco activity!

    Sing and do cloze activity :Soy una pizza.

    Fill out Loteria board with food.


    ¡Por supuesto! and ¡Que asco activity! Hold up flashcard with opinion.

    Play Loteria

    Thursday:  Play warm up loteria game.

    Watch videos and fill in activity sheet as you watch.


    ¿Qué hay de desayunar?

    ¿de almorzar?

    ¿de cenar?


    With a partner, make a food poster


    Finish posters

    Tener expressions

    tener hambre

    to be hungry

    Tener sed

    to be thirsty

    Next Tuesday :  Fruit shakes (send bananas, etc) to class

    Next Friday:Feb. 16

    Exam Tema 3A

  • Monday:

    Fun Day

    Goose Chase

    Scavenger Hunt

    Review, re visit, re teach and expand Tema 2B


    Tema 3A La comida El desayuno o el almuerzo ¡Por supuesto! ¡Qué asco!


    Una pera y dos bananas

    Introduce Tema 3A

    A primera vista

    Breakfast and lunch

    Wednesday:  Me gusta o me gustan with food

    Review and re teachThursday:

    Thursday : Line talk with food

    Questions and answers using the verbs comer and beber

    Friday : Food poster


  • Tema 3A 


    ER and IR verb conjugation in the present tense

    Tuesday :



    Carne va =. meat goes

    Los licuados de fruta

    Review for Tema 3B exam

    Wednedsday : Tema 3A exam

    Thursday :

    Finish Tema 3A exam


    Make ups and catch ups

    Pass back all papers

    Take butterflies home!

    Last day of 3rd nine weeks


  • Tema 4B continued

    At what time?


    a la

    a las

    Practice with TV guides from the Herald

    Students take over and ask the questions

    Oral speaking practice and textbook activities

    Acts. 12, 13, 16, 18, 24 ps. 249-253


    Written and oral activitiesl

    Tuesday: Cultural notes

    more oral activities

    Wednesday: Review for Exam 4B

    Work on review in class. 

    Finish up for homework if not complete at the end of class.

    Thursday: Exam 4B


    Pass out oral proficiency tasks, goals and questions for final oral proficiency test in May.

    Go over questions and tasks.

    Homework: Make quizlet with questions and answers to prepare for proficiency exam

    Cultural: Finish watching Selena


  • Different song every day for review.

    ¿Qué es esto?

    ¿Dónde está la terminal?

    El lunes estoy en Panama

    Tengo una cita

    Una pera y dos bananas

    Paragraph for Spanish class yearbook.

    Make a Mother's Day card

    Oral Proficiency testing

    Review for final bench mark (Written portion given out.

  • Monday:

    Definite articles

    Weather and temperatures

    Use weather chart to express weather and temperatures around the world.

    Oral activities with chart from the Herald

    Weather and seasons


    Weather practice

    weather expressions and activities


    Temperatures C to F

    F to C


    Weather and the seasons (practice w/s)

    Weather in the northern and southern hemispheres.



    Review packet.  Work on review together in class.  

    Finish at home if not completed in class.

    Columbus Day:

    Test your Columbus IQ

    Columbus Day / El Día de Colón

    He sailed for the Monarchs of Spain.

    Reached the West Indies on Oct, 12, 1492.

    Countries and Capitals with Rock the capitals song

    Finish map with Rock the capitals song


    Review for test:

    review posted in ITUNES.. countries and capitals, concept of gender (masculine and feminine)


    Grammar, Unit 1, Gender of Nouns 1, Take Basic Quiz

    Definite and Indefinite Articles, Take Basic Quiz

       concept of gender (masculine and feminine) and time.

  • Monday:  Turn in Butterfly Project  for Day of the Dead

    Send me all photos taken Downtown NB  this past weekend for extra credit.

    Finish and hang calacas in the halls.

    Tuesday: Idiom Day

    Article with Day of the Dead terms

    Finish hanging the Calacas

    Extra credit altars due (Tuesday)

    Wednesday and Thursday: Butterfly presentations

    Extra Credit Altars

    Day of the Dead celebrations

    Bring hot chocolate (packets) or pan de muertos to share with the class.

    Present Butterflies to the class

    Friday : Descriptions and adjectives with me gusta expressions.

    P. 54-55 Tema 1B

    Frida Kahlo

    Objectives of Tema 1B

    A primera vista ps. 56-57

    Talk about future Adobe Spark video project.

    Likes and Dislikes and descriptions

    More Adjectives :  Me gusta leer y escribir cuentos.  Soy muy estudiosa y talentosa.


  • Monday :

    New vocabulary Tema 1B.



    A primera vista Tema 1B

    Acts. 1-2 p. 57

    Acts. 5,6 and 7 pjs. 62-63

    Go over Extra credit Thanksgiving assignment


    More on adjectives

    Adjective practice W/S

    Thursday :

    Warm up : studyspanish.com

    Thanksgiving enrichment project (extra credit) 

    I give thanks for ...Le doy las gracias por.... (10)


    Finish Coco

    Pass out papers

    Finish any studyspanish.com not completed

    Friday : Pirinola / Toma Todo

    Count our blessings...

    Play a typical Thanksgiving game with money from around the world.


  • Enjoy your time with family and friends.
  • We completed our bench mark on Friday.  Students who missed their bench mark will have to go to Mrs. White to arrange a make up time to take the exam.  Scores should be released later this week on exams taken last week.

    This week is a modified schedule.  Students will meet in their testing advisory class until 11:40 and then go directly to 5th period which meets for it's regular time.  All other classes are modified to 18 minutes.  There is early release on Friday.

    Mon. Math Bench mark

    Reading Christmas in Mexico

    The story of " la flor de la Noche Buena" or the poinsettia

    Tuesday - Reading Bench mark

    Read about José Feliciano

    Watch him sing Felíz Navidad

    Sing Felíz Navidad

    Wednesday - Science Bench mark

    Semester in review

    Thursday:Social Studies Bench Mark

    Turn in any and all late or make up work.

    Friday - Early release and end of 2nd 9 wks. grading period

    ¡Felíz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo!

    Return back to school on Jan. 7th!

    Grades go out.

    Have a wonderful holiday!
  • Mon. Go over homework using POP answering around the room.

    Practice present tense verb conjugations on whiteboards.

    Go over video requirements.

    work on video with partner or by yourself.

    Tarea: Work on video at home.


    Work on video with your partner or by yourself.

    Tarea: Work on  video at home.

    Test over verbs on verb poster and present tense conjugation on Friday.

    Wednesday :

    Where are things located in the classroom?

    The verb estar = to be (location)

    Introduce new vocabulary from Tema 2B.

    A primera vista.(Check out resources posted in ITUNES for Tema 2B.)

    Use skeletons and TPR to practice prepositions of place.

    Sing : Where's the train station?

    Una pera y dos bananas

    Sing : Where's the train station?

    Una pera y dos bananas

    The verb estar in the present tense.Guided practice
    When to use the verb estar...PLACE

    Tarea: Work on video at home.


    Practice worksheet on singular and plural forms of nouns, definite articles and indefinite articles

    Listening act. Tema 2B

    Whiteboard practice.

    HMWK:Verb list and present tense review W/S

    Homework: Study for theTest over verbs from verb poster and present tense conjugation

    and the verb ir = to go

    Friday :Test over verbs and present tense

    Watch videos with time remaining.

    Write do 5 things we do over the break according to each story.


  • Monday: off / No school

    President's Day

    Tuesday: Tema 3A continued

    Song and video

    Me gusta el jugo de naranja


    Tema 3A el desayuno y el almuerzo

     Textbook activities

    Thursday : Vocabulary quiz.

    Friday :

    Connections with science and math: Farenheit to Celsius and Celsius to Farenheit


  • Spring Break

    No school

  • Monday :

    Tema 3B

    A primera vista 178-179

    Ojear el capítulo.

    Eyeball or scan the chapter.

    Pre assess knowledge of students over basic concepts.

    Write down a list of key words from the chapter.

    Read select cultural notes:

    Diego Rivera

    Los mercados

    El mate

    La tomatina

    pgs. 176-208

    The plural of adjectives:

    Sabroso o sabrosa

    sabrosos o sabrosas

    Es saludable.

    No es saludable

    Tuesday : Gramativa videos

    Watch videos and take notes over the videos.

    plural forms of adjectives

    The verbs ser and hacer

    Irregular and First person Yo form irregular

    Wednesday : Read and watch Videohistoria ps. 180-182

    Do Acts. 3 and 4 (ITUNES) / Textbook pg. 183

    Turn in to Backpack.

    Assign homework  / la tarea

    W/S ¿Qué cenamos hoy?/ El restaurante

    (Due Monday, el 25 de marzo)

    Thursday :

    Let students review words about food as students enter the room.

    Purposeful talk:  What role does geography and climate play in the foods we eat on a regular basis?  How can the Spanish government supply 130 tons of tomatoes to La Tomatina?  What does this say about tomatoes in Spain? What does that say about their climate?

    Padlet about Spain and Spanish cuisine

    Critical writing:  What do you know about Spain and Spanish cuisine?


    Finish Padlet

    Critical writing?

    Did your perceptions about Spain and Spanish cuisine change after completing your Padlet?  Why?  Explain.



  • Monday : Tema 3B 

    Finish textbook acts. and packet from Friday.  Review for test tomorrow.

    Study resources in ITUNES

    Turn in any permission slips or money for the field trip.


    Examen over Tema 3B

    Permission slips and money for field trip.


    Finish exams

    Watch : Extra español Eps. 2-3

    Made for classroom (telenovela)

    Thursday:  La Lluvia de hamburguesas

    (Word competition)

    At least 25 words required


    La Lluvia de hamburguesas

    (Word competition)

    At least 25 words required


  • STAAR Testing

    Modified schedule

    Tema 4A

    The verb ir = to go in the present tense

    conjunction a ( a plus el = al)

    Warm up Act. 15 p. 220

    Make up listening acts. from Wed. of last week

    Tuesday / Tema 4A

    Workbook ps. 71-72

    The verb ir = to go

    Questions words (Interrogatives)


    Wednesday :Cultural notes

    Marc Anthony and la música puertorriqueña

    Puerto Rico and San Augustine Florida

    Homework: Tema 4A

    Workbook ps. 73-74

    Review for exam

    Thursday:Exam Tema 4A

    Friday :Introduction to Tema 4B

    The verb jugar = to play


    Places we go and the verb to go in the present tense

    Monday: Turn in City Grid

    A primera vista p. 208-209

    Oral listening and speaking practice

    Acts. 1-2, 


    Acts. 3, 

    Act. 5

    La Plaza p. 215 (Read)

    Tuesday Guided practice the verb ir = to go in the present tense

    Exploracion del lenguaje (days of the week)

    Connections with geography : Reading a map City grid p. 217

    Wednesday: Listening Acts. 5-8

    Line talk with flashcards

    ¿Adónde vas?


    Warm up /Line talk with flash cards


    Acts. 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 21 (white boards)


  • Review for Bench mark

    Mini EOC Reviews

    Finish oral proficiency exams

    EOC on Wednesday and Thursday

    May 23-24.

    Please do everything possible to have your students at school this week..

  • Monday: Memorial Day


    Spanish Yearbook pass out and signatures


    Last Day of School

    Early Release

    NBHS Graduation

1st Nine weeks:

Tema PE  (Para Empezar)

     El alfabeto

     Los números

     Las fechas

     Los colores


     Mandatos en la clase

     La hora

     El cuerpo

     En la escuela

     En la clase

     El tiempo


     Why study Spanish?


Tema 1A ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Tema 1B Y tú, ¿Cómo eres?


National Hispanic Month



National Hispanic Month Sept. 15- Oct. 15

Open House


Sept. 4, 2018

6:00- 8:30 pm

Fiesta: Thursday :Sept.27th



Field Trip to San Antonio Missions and The Mission Trail

Cost $10

Students should bring a sack lunch

April 24th (We will leave at 8:30 and return by 2PM)

Postponed due to bad weather!

Rescheduled for:


Friday, May 3, 2018 Salsa Contest and Cinco de Mayo Celebration




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