Welcome to ORMS 6th Grade Science.   Sixth grade is an important transitional year in the academic career of students.  It will be an exciting year for all of us as we work together to learn about the many areas of science including fundamental skills and knowledge in physical, earth, and life sciences. Please use this website to find out about important information and upcoming events.

E- mail:  epineda@nbisd.org

Telephone:  629 - 8510

Class Schedule:

1st Period: 8:20 - 9:07

2nd Period: 9:11 -10:03

3rd Period:  10:07 - 10:54

4th Period:  10:58 - 11:45  (Conference)

5th Period:  11:49 - 1:19

A Lunch:     11:49 - 12:19

6th Period:  1:23 - 2:10

7th Period:  2:14 - 2:44 (Advisory)

8th Period:  2:48 - 3:35

After School tutorials:  Tuesday and Thursday 3:35 - 4:00

Morning tutorials also available Tues. - Thursfrom 8-8:15.  Parents if your child was not able to complete an assignment due to not understanding something, you may write your child a not to attend morning tutorials for that morning.


Week 5/20/19

Monday:  Benchmark Review

Tuesday:  Science Benchmark

Wednesday:  Worth the Wait Lesson 4, Pregnancy and STD's

Thursday:  Worth the Wait Lesson 5, Benefits of Waiting

Friday:  Benchmark corrections


Week 5/13/19

Monday:  Math STAAR Test

Tuesday:  Reading STAAR Test

Wednesday: Benchmark Review

Thursday:  Worth the Wait, unit of human sexuality that advocates abstinence from sexual activity, Lesson 1 Emotional Needs.

Friday:  Worth the Wait Lesson 2 and 3 Puberty and human anatomy.


Week 5/6/19

Monday:  Continue working on Domains and Kingdoms slideshow.  Due tomorrow morning into eBackpack. 

Tuesday:  Introduction to ecology. Short video on ecosystems.  Class discussions.

Wednesday:  Read about levels of organizations in an ecosystem.

Thursday:  Researching ecosystems and completing handout.

Friday: Continue working on research. 


Week 4/29/19

Monday:  Vocabulary review in class discussion.  "What Domain do I Belong" and "What Kingdom Do I Belong" packet to be completed for homework.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Classification of Living Things Group Research.  In class assignment.

Wednesday:  Continue working on in class research assignment.

Thursday:  Research groups begin working on creating a digital presentation of their research.

Friday:  Continue working on group research assignment.


Week 4/22/2019

Monday: Vocabulary activity/ Frayer Model Due: Life Processes Booklet

Tuesday: Complete Vocabulary activity/ Frayer Model 

Wednesday: Classifying Living Things sorting activity Due: Frayer Model Vocabulary activity

Thursday: PowerPoint over Taxonomy 

Friday: Stemscopes Explore reading over classifying organisms

Week 4/15/2019

Monday: Take observations of ecosystems and develop definition of what an organism is

Tuesday: Cell discovery using microscopes at stations

Wednesday: Nucleus discovery activity/ stations

Thursday: Create Life Processes Booklet  Due at end of period: organism/ cell discovery packets

Friday: No school

Week 4/08/2019

Monday: Complete Space Exploration fact sheet and timeline (part 1) and start research on future space exploration (part 2)

Tuesday: Complete Space Exploration activity (part 3) and start rough draft for history/ future space exploration timeline. Review for test will be available

Wednesday: Complete Space Exploration history/future timeline information page   

Thursday: Kahoot test review or independent studying for test Friday . Key for test review available on iTunes U

Friday: Test on solar system, gravity, and space exploration Due: Space Exploration history/ future information page and parts 1,2 and 3

Week 4/1/2019

Monday: start working on Celestial Object Presentation Due: Celestial Object Foldable 
Tuesday: Complete Celestial Object Presentation 
Wednesday: Present Celestial Object Presentation Due: Celestial Object Presentation 
Thursday: Watch video on Asteroids and Comets 
Friday: Listen to and answer questions for Space Exploration videos and complete Space exploration guide 


Week 3/25/19

Monday: 3rd nine weeks Benchmark corrections. 

Tuesday: Gravity activity  Due: NASA Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday: Celestial Object foldable Due: Gravity Activity Handout

Thursday: Celestial Object foldable

Friday: Assign Solar System Project


Week 3/18/19

Monday: Tour of Solar System PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer. Last day to turn in Earth Models is tomorrow.

Tuesday: Continue Tour of Solar System PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer. 

Wednesday: NASA Planet Scavenger Hunt (in class activity)

Thursday: NASA Planet Scavenger Hunt (in class activity).

Friday: 3rd nine weeks Science Benchmark corrections in class


Week 3/4/19

Monday:  Science benchmark test.  Make-up day.

Tuesday:  Rock Cycle Lab.

Wednesday:  Continue working on Rock Cycle Lab.  Complete rest of lab sheet for homework if needed. Due on Thursday in class.  Earth Models Due Today.

Thursday:  Introduction to the Solar System; Discovery Education video "How the Universe Works, Extreme Stars".

Friday:  Discovery Education video "How the Universe Works, Extreme Orbits".


Week 2/25/19

Monday:  Math Benchmark; meet with periods 1, 2 ,and 3.  Passed out 3D Earth Model Project instructions to periods 1, 2, and 3.  Will also post instructions in iTunesU.

Tuesday:  Reading Benchmark; meet with periods 4, 6, and 8.  Pass out 3D Earth model Project instructions.  

Wednesday: Social Studies Benchmark; meet with periods 5, 1, 2, and 3.  Rock Cycle notes in journal. Make-up Day.

Thursday:  Plate Tectonics Map in class.  Plate Tectonics interactive posted in iTunesU for homework. Due 3-2-19 in eBackpackReview for Science benchmark posted in iTunesU.

Friday:  Plate Tectonics notes in journal.

Week 2/18/19

Monday:  No school

Tuesday:  Writing Benchmark, meet with periods 4-8 only.  Make up day, complete essay from last week.

Wednesday: How the Universe Works video on, "How the Earth Formed".

Thursday:  Earth layers notes and foldable.

Friday:  Pass out instructions over the next project; Earth models. Types of rocks sorting in class activity.


Week 2/11/19

Monday:  Discovery Education videos, Discovering Simple Machines: Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw and video quiz.  Passed out review for Energy, Force and Motion, Speed and Simple Machines Test on Thursday.

Tuesday:  Inclined Plane lab.  Work on test review.  Answers will be posted in iTunesU.

Wednesday: Pre-write on Energy, Force and Motion and Speed.  Answers to test review posted in iTunesU.

Thursday:  Energy, Force and Motion, Speed and Simple Machines test.   Continue working on Energy, Force and Motion and Speed pre-write.

Friday:  Essay over Energy, Force and Motion, and Speed.


Week 2/4/19

Monday:  Continue working on Speed Lab

Tuesday:  Finish up Speed Lab, share collected data with group.

Wednesday:  Gateways pages 112 - 113, in class lesson on Graphing motion.  

Thursday:  Lab analysis: Graphing Motion from Speed Lab data.

Friday:  Stemscopes lesson on practice reading the motion of graphs, in class lesson.


Week 1/28/19

Monday:  Notes over Forces powerpoint.

Tuesday:  Stemscopes  Changes in Force and Motion:  Engage student materials.  Complete for homework if not completed in class.  Due on Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Practice worksheet finding net force.  Homework if not completed in class.  Due on Thursday. 

Thursday:  Stemscopes Changes in Force and Motion:  Explore Student Journal part I.  Complete for homework.

Friday:  Stemscopes Changes in Force and Motion: Explore Student Journal part II and reflections.


Second nine weeks

Week 01/21/19

Monday:  No School 

Tuesday:  Roller Coaster Funtastic  journal Reflections. Discovery Education video on an introduction to forces and motion

Wednesday:  Read and Discuss Measuring Motion, pages 86-95.

Thursday:  Continue reading and discussion from Wednesday. 

Friday:  Motion vocabulary worksheet due on Monday and Discovery Education video on Force and Motion.


Week 01/14/19

Monday:  Explore Student Journal packet due today.  Review Fall Science Benchmark.  Notes "Potential and Kinetic Energy venn diagram.

Tuesday:  Discovery Education video, Roller Coaster Physics.  Picture venn diagram comparing and contrasting potential and kinetic energy.  Due on Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Begin Roller Coaster Funtastic in class group project designing and creating a roller coaster that uses up the energy to stop a marble before going off the end of the track..

Thursday:  Continue Roller Coaster project.

Friday:  Last day for completion of roller coaster project.  Due in class today.


Week of 01/07/19

Monday:  Discovery Education videos reviewing energy.

Tuesday:  Quick write in journal over potential and kinetic energy.  Stemscopes Starter activity on potential and kinetic energy and the Stemscopes potential and kinetic energy engage; identifying examples of potential and kinetic energy; group discussion.

Wednesday:  Stemscopes Potential and Kinetic Energy Explore part I; reading passage and group discussion.

Thursday:  Stemscopes potential and kinetic energy Explore part I student journal pairing potential and kinetic energy activity and questions. Due on Friday.

Friday:  I have decided to wait on the completion of the Explore Student Journal before having students turn in the Explore part I.  Potential and Kinetic energy part III, identifying characteristics in student journal packet from Thursday. If not completed in class the entire packet minus pages 2-3, must be completed over the weekend and due Monday in class.





No tutorials this week.

Monday:  Math Benchmark Testing.  Meet with Science classes 1, 2, and 3.  In class worksheet to practice Identifying Energy Transfer as Conduction, Convection, or Radiation.  There is a Review for the benchmark test in eBackpack labeled, "Test: Energy Forms, Transformations, and Heat Transfer".  This is not for a grade and students may take it up to 3 times.  I will also be posting in ITunesU more energy practice to help students study for their test.

Tuesday:  Reading Benchmark.  Meet with periods 6th and 8th.  Practice worksheets on identifying energy transformations.

Wednesday:  Science benchmark test.  Make-up day for any missing assignments.  Meet with periods 5, 1, 2, and 3.

Thursday:  Social Studies Benchmark Test.  Meet with periods 5, 4, 6 , and 8.  Make-up any missing assignments.

Friday: Early release at 2:05



Monday: Complete Energy resources table about How energy works and the advantages and disadvantages of using energy resources by scanning class projects.  If not completed in class students can use the iTunesU post from last week to complete the table.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Energy Resources Project table due today as well as group Energy project turned into eBackpackThermal energy transfer introduction and notes.

Wednesday: Continue taking notes over powerpoint presentation on Energy Transfer.

Thursday:  Notes on Energy Transfer and class discussion. 

Friday:  Practice worksheet on Identifying Energy Transfers, Due today in class.



Monday:  Group work research assigned energy resource.

Tuesday:  Begin working on class presentations.

Wednesday:  Continue working on class presentations.

Thursday:  Energy vocabulary Test.  List of words found in student's iTunesU course.  Begin finalizing class presentations.  Project grade consists of 50% research and 50% presentation.

Friday:  Group presentations due today. Grade consists of 50% research and 50% presentation.



Monday:  Mineral Identification lab continued from Friday.  Due in class tomorrow.

Tuesday: Energy vocabulary window pane.  Due Friday into the class tray.

Wednesday:  Writing Benchmark; testing schedule.  

Thursday:  Introduction to energy resources, class notes using Gateways book pages 74-76.  Glue into journal.

Friday:  Energy resources group activity.  Continue on Monday.



Monday:  Calculating Density worksheet due Tuesday into the classroom tray.  Measurement Test on Thursday.

Tuesday:  Pass out Measurement Test study guide.  Gateways pages 40-45, calculating density of an unknown.  Due at the end of class.

Wednesday: Minerals video. Testing the properties of minerals activity.

Thursday:  Measurement Test

Friday:  Complete mineral activity from Wednesday.



Monday:  Measuring volume of regular shaped solids practice worksheet.  Due Tuesday into the classroom tray.

Tuesday:  Measuring mass reading a triple beam balance notes and practice worksheet due Wednesday into the classroom tray.

Wednesday:  Measuring volume of solids notes and practice sheet due on Thursday into the classroom tray.

Thursday:  Measuring density practice sheet and notes.  Practice due on Friday into the classroom tray.

Friday:  Calculating density to identify an unknown substance.



Monday:  Physical Properties vocabulary window panes. Instructions and the window pane are found in iTunesU.  Students may complete the assignment on paper or through some digital format such as power point, adobe spark, google slides, prezi, etc.  The assignment will be due on Wednesday.  Digital assignments will be submitted into eBackpack while paper copies will be turned in during class into the class tray. 

Tuesday:  Measurement notes in science journals.

Wednesday:  Measuring length in class activity. due on Thursday into the class tray.

Thursday: Measuring length in class activity, "Are You A Square"?  worksheet due on Friday into the class tray. 

Friday:  Measuring volume in class activity.  Practice found in iTunesU, due Monday into eBackpack.


Week 10/22/18

Monday: Learning about recycling.  Guest presenters.

Tuesday:  Applying knowledge of recycling in recycling games.

Wednesday: Recycling post assessment. Notes over properties of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids cut and pasted into student journals.

Thursday: continue with notes in journal.  Properties of matter worksheet.

Friday: Youtube Bill Nye measurement video and handout.


First Nine Weeks


Week 10/15/18

Monday:  Evidence of a chemical change lab, in class lab.  Due on Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Continue working on group Evidence of a Chemical Change Lab.  Due today.

Wednesday:  First Nine Week s Benchmark.

Thursday:  In class Notes in journal. No homework.  

Friday:  Catch up day, students work on any missing assignments or work on homework for another class or read a book.


Week 10/8/18

Monday:  Matter Vocabulary window pane, paper copy handed out in class.   Due Friday. Test over Matter Vocabulary on Friday 10/12/18.

Tuesday: Matter notes over physical and chemical changes

Wednesday:  Teacher demonstrations for physical and chemical changes student chart filled out for demonstrations 

Thursday: Continue with demonstrations if necessary. Physical and Chemical changes review sheet notes in journal. 

Friday:  Matter Vocabulary test



Monday:  In class group activity creating models to identifying the difference between elements and compounds. Continue on Tuesday as needed. 

Tuesday:  Continue working on in class activity from Monday.  Due today.

Wednesday:  It's Elemental activity.  Finish for homework.  Activity will be found in iTunesU.  Homework:  "The Gold Dust Kid", found in itunesU, moved to Thursday due to technical difficulties on Wednesday.

Thursday:  Discovery Education video, Changes in Matter.  Homework:  The Gold Dust Kid element story found in iTunesU, turn into eBackpack.

Friday: Physical and Chemical changes notes.  


Week 9/24/18

Monday:  Finish watching, "Hunting the elements" and go over responses and then glue into student journals.

Tuesday:  Stemscopedia Reading check found in stemscopes. Due on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Elements and the periodic table color coding notes.

Thursday:  Making models of compounds and elements using unifix cubes on the ipad and notability.  In class group work.  Will finish on Monday if necessary.

Friday:  Fair Holiday 


Week 9/17/18

Monday:  Teacher demonstration on how to use common lab equipment and handout.

Tuesday:  Safety quiz. Safety Review using Kahoot.

Wednesday:  Safety Test over safety rules found in science journal, safety symbols and meanings in binder, and lab equipment notes.

Thursday: Introduction to the periodic table of elements; Hunting the Elements video.

Friday:  Continue watching video from Thursday. 


Week 9/10/18

Monday:  Check group answers to safety scenarios. Students choose three of their safety rules to complete the Safety Awareness chart, discuss with group members.

Tuesday:  Students will create a poster, cartoon, comic strip, or t-shirt from one of the three safety rules they wrote about in the safety awareness chart to illustrate the importance of the rule.  Handout with instructions and rubric given out in class.

Wednesday:  Students will fill in notes over safety symbols in the table given by the teacher. these will be used to study for their safety test. Students will have their safety test next Wednesday over the safety rules found in their journals, safety symbols, and lab equipment.

Thursday: Students will work in groups to match safety symbols with their meaning and then complete the safety symbol worksheet.

Friday: Students will take the safety rules and symbols quiz in ebackpack to check their learning. if time permits we will begin learning about the common lab equipment used in 6th grade science through teacher demonstrations. Students will have their safety test next Wednesday over the safety rules found in their journals, safety symbols, and lab equipment.  which we will cover on Monday.



Week 9/3/18

Monday:  Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday:  Lab Safety Awareness video part 2 and video quiz.

Wednesday:  Review lab safety rules and glue them into student science journal.  Lab Safety contracts to be sent home.  Parents please sign and return to me as soon as possible.

Thursday: Group activity, students will work in groups to identify mistakes being performed by students in different lab situations.  Students will then individually choose 3 safety rules to discuss with their group.  Students will independently choose one safety rule to create a poster, t-shirt, cartoon, or cartoon strip to illustrate one of their three safety rules.

Friday:  Continue working on safety rule illustration.  Due today in class.



Monday:  First day of school.  Review class syllabus and complete student data sheet.

Tuesday:  Class discussion and activity over "What is Science and What is a Scientist"?

Wednesday:  Set up of student science journals.

Thursday:  Lab Safety Pre-assessment, Discovery Education Lab Safety video and video quiz.

Friday:  Continue watching lab safety video and video quiz.

Stemscopes is the Science Department materials that will also be used during this school year.  

Stemscopes Login

Username:  nbstudent ID#

password:   studentID#


Use the following link to access Discovery Education videos:

Discovery Education link: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

Click on "sign in", then click on "sign in with google" and use your school email account to sign in.






Compost Flyer.pdf

Parents just as a reminder that medication should NEVER be sent to school with a student, even if it is over-the-counter. If you have questions, please contact our nurse, Allyson Goodpasture, at 830-627-6405. THANKS!!


Links for Domain and Kingdoms Research 

Classification of Living Things - Windows to the Universe https://www.windows2universe.org/?page=/earth/life/classification_intro.html        

The Six Kingdoms http://www.ric.edu/faculty/ptiskus/six_kingdoms/

Biodiversity: The Three Domains of Life https://www.biology.iupui.edu/biocourses/N100/2k23domain.html

Please scroll down to the "The Three Domains - Some Characteristics" to find some helpful information.

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