Jacob Guerrero

8th Grade

Science/ Boys Coach

My name is Jacob Guerrero. This will be my second year teaching at OakRun. I will also be coaching 7th grade football, 8th basketball, and track. I am originally from New Braunfels and went through NBISD. I look forward to a great year.

The best way to contact me is by email. My conference period 

is 4th Peroid.

Email   jguerrero@nbisd.org

The phone number is the main line to the school. 

phone  830.627.6400

Advisory Schedule Early Release

1st Period   8:20 – 9:07 1st Period 8:20 - 8:58

2nd Period  9:11 – 10:03 2nd Period 9:02 - 9:43

3rd Period  10:07 – 10:54 3rd Period 9:47 - 10:25

4th Period  Conference 10:58 – 11:45 4th Period Conference 10:29 - 11:07

5th Period  11:49 – 1:19 6th Period 11:11 - 11:49

A Lunch 11:49 – 12:19 5th Period 11:53 - 1:23

B Lunch 12:19 – 12:49 A Lunch  11:53 - 12:23

C Lunch 12:49 – 1:19 B Lunch  12:23 - 12:53

6th Period  1:23 – 2:10 C Lunch  12:53 - 1:23

7th Period 2:14 – 2:44* 7th Period No advisory

8th Period 2:48 – 3:35                             8th Period 1:27 - 2:05

*7th Period is Advisory


*Plans sometimes change during the week. To see the most updated schedule, please visit iTunesU.*


We will be posting Monday Mail again this year.  In Monday Mail, you will see the week's general outline, including due dates, test information, and other important announcements.

  • Monday:       Welcome back to school!
                          Coach Guerrero's class basics
                          Class Syllabus/Safety Contract- on paper, parent signature due Friday
                          Name game
    Tuesday:       Group Challenge and Reflection - paper
    Wednesday:  Review Safety Contract, 7 Greatest Hits Rules.
                           Plan group safety skits
    Thursday:      Perform skits (1/2 class)
                           Lab Safety Check (quiz)
    Friday:           Technology Day:  Remind, Notability, iTunes U, StemScopes, Warm Up Process (weekly),      
                              Apple Classroom - DUE SYLLABUS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND FLINN SAFETY CONTRACT
  • This week we will begin our Chemistry Unit by revisiting the basics of matter and density.  Open House is Tuesday, 9/4!
    Monday:  Labor Day Holiday
    Tuesday:  Color Change Lab- students will practice safe lab habits and following directions.  
    Wednesday:What is Matter? Activity, Notes. 
    Thursday:  Check notes.Density exploration activity. 
    Friday: Continue Density Activity.  Check Lab
  • This week we will continue our Chemistry Unit by introducing the ATOM.  We will investigate the size of the atom in relation to the universe, break down the atom into its parts/properties, and learn how to read element tiles.  Atomic Model Projects (Major Grade) will be assigned on Friday!
    Be creative with everyday materials (the model does not have to be a costly Hobby Lobby project!).
    Project will be due Friday, September 27th.
    Monday:  Introducing the Atom
    Tuesday:  Atomic Structure, Part 1  
    Wednesday:  Atomic Structure Part 2, Bohr Model Activity 
    Thursday:  Atomic Drawing Practice
    Friday: Atoms Family Math / Assign Atomic Model (Review Rubric).  Use pages from this website for atom research page  http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/atomprojectresearch  [Class time for Element Research project will be Monday]

  • This week we will continue our Chemistry Unit by practicing more atomic structure and subatomic properties.  There will be a test on Atomic Structure this Thursday.  You will receive a test review on Monday, which will be due on Wednesday, 9/19 (homework grade).  
           We will have a full class day Monday to work on research for the major project.  I have attached the rubrics - and paper copies are available for those that still need one. 
            A website with research resources can be found here:http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/atomprojectresearch  
    Project will be due Thursday, September 27th.
    Monday:  Class research day for project.  Hand out test reviews.
    Tuesday:  Model Lab, paper- Rotate through stations with various atomic models, analyze particles and determine identity of atoms.
    Wednesday: Test Review DueCheck Lab,Test Review Activities (Kahoot)
    Thursday:  Atomic Structure Test - study all notes, activities, warm ups and test review
    Friday:Test Corrections, Periodic Table Coloring Activity

    ***If your student is planning to get a flu shot - consent forms are due back to the school nurse by 9/21/2018.***

    This week we will discover patterns of the Periodic Table.
    The Atom Project is due Thursday, September 27th.
         You have been assigned a project in which you research an element of your choice and create either a model or an advertisement.
         You are encouraged to be creative with everyday materials (the model does not have to be a costly Hobby Lobby project!).  A website with research resources can be found here:http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/atomprojectresearch  
    Monday:  Finish color-coding Periodic Table.  Analyzing Atomic Structure, paper in class (due Wednesday if not finished in class).
    Tuesday:  "Alien" Table- categorize stick figure drawings based on feature details, discuss (card sort).  Begin construction on Periodic Table- color, cut, paste on manila folder.  On paper in class.
    Wednesday:Finish manila folder Periodic Table and questions in class.
    Thursday:  Project Due!  Spend day peer reviewing, gallery walk.
    Friday: Comal County Fair Holiday
  • This week we will be learning about the different families of the periodic table, their properties, and how they combine to make molecules.
    MondayPeriodic Table Folder/Questions Due - eBackpack folder is set up - most of this was done in class.  Arrange Bohr Model cards to discover more Periodic Table patterns.  Notes on iPad.
    Tuesday:  eBackpack Quiz - Over Week 5 Warm Ups - Open Note. Begin Understanding the Periodic Table (Reading/Notes)You can go to this website to view a quick video on every element of the Periodic Table: https://ed.ted.com/periodic-videos
    Wednesday:  Finish Understanding Periodic Table and Questions.  Review as a class. Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_5b238p
    Thursday:  Metals, Non-Metals, Metalloids Lab.  Test samples of elements for certain physical properties.

    Friday:  Finish Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids Lab.  Check Lab.  Hand Out Test Reviews

    -All pro Dads meeting Friday, 7:30 in Library - try 7:15 arrival
  • Week of 10/8 - 10/12:
    A test review was given out Thursday, Oct 4th (iTunes U).  Monday (Oct. 8th), students will have the entire class to finish the test review (anything not finished in class will be HW).  This Wednesday, (Oct. 10th) we will have a test on Periodic Table and Atomic Structure. 
    Monday:  Test Review - Class Time
    Tuesday:  Test Review Activities - Kahoot Game - test review due in eBackpack
    Wednesday: Periodic Table and Atomic Structure Test
    Thursday:  Test Reflection/Corrections/Class Discussion
    Friday: Ions and Molecules Introduction.  Ion Reading, Notes, and practice on iPad.
    The 8th Grade vs. Faculty Volleyball Game will be Friday, October 12th.  Students interested in attending the game can purchase a ticket for $1 - give the funds to your 8th period teacher.
  • This week we will have a 9 weeks test (DLA) on Wednesday, Oct 17. The grade will go on on the next grading period.  The material on the test will be very similar to last 2 tests and reviews, so you should study those to prepare.  After the test we will begin to study molecules.
    Monday:  STEMscopes Check for Understanding (Ions). 'Ions and Predicting Compounds'.
    Tuesday:  Understanding Valence Electron practice and Concept Map, paper.
    Wednesday:  9 weeks test (DLA)
    Thursday:  Molecules and Formulas, Part 1 Activity- Use pom poms to represent and analyze molecules.
    Friday: Molecules and Formulas Activity, Part 2.  Use pom poms to create molecules and derive chemical formulas.
    Graduation Plan Meetings Week (8th Grade Parents):  See Announcements Tab for meeting times, sign up genius, etc..
  • This week we will be analyzing molecules, compounds, and their formulas.  We'll have 2 quizzes to keep everyone on track - one Wednesday and one Friday.
    Monday:  Test Reflection
    Tuesday:  Molecules and Formulas, Part 3  This is a really cool website you can use to look up molecules:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pccompound/
    Wednesday: Check Part 3. eBackpack Quiz - Ions, Molecules, Formulas and Coefficients - ***Study Materials - Molecules and Formulas, Parts 1, 2, and 3 - and review ions material.  Warm ups are always great study tools too.
    Thursday:  Identifying physical and chemical changes activity - group/station work 
    Friday:eBackpack Warm Up Quiz, Evidence of Chemical/Physical Change Notes
    Report Cards will be available on txconnect this Wednesday, Oct. 24th.

    Monday:  Intro to Chemical Equations Notes, Chemical Equations Practice worksheet.
    Tuesday:  Finish Chemical Equations Practice, Class Discussion
    Wednesday:  Physical/Chemical Change Lab (Part 1)
    Thursday: Physical/Chemical Change Lab (Part 2)
    Friday: Scavenger Hunt/ Pass out Test Reviews
    Graduation Plan meetings start this week. Please see my announcement tab for more information.
  • We will have a test on Wednesday over Ions, Chemical Formulas and Equations. It will also cover the Law of Conservation of Mass. Test reviews were given out on Friday and will be due Tuesday. 
    Monday: We will be doing Molecules and Formulas Partner Check.
    Tuesday:  We will do test Review Activities in class and the Test Reviews Due in eBackpack. 
    Wednesday: Chemical Reactions Test.
    Thursday:  Test Corrections, Reflection and Reteach.
    Friday:  Introduction to Balanced/Unbalanced Forces we will be doing a Nearpod.
  • This week we will be covering Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.  At the end of the week students will be given an extra credit opportunity. 
    Monday: Calculating Net Force with Notes and Practice activity. 
    Tuesday: Check Practice Page/ Balanced & Unbalanced Card Sort, Newton's1st Law. 

    Wednesday: Newton's 2nd Law - Notes/Practice Problems worksheet. 
    Thursday: Newton's 3rd Law with Notes  and a Station Activity.
    Friday: Review Rubric for Extra Credit Poster, Newton's Laws Demonstrations/Discussion
    Newton's Law's Poster (Rubric Handed Out) Extra Credit towards Major Grade, due Tuesday, November 27th.  This will be worth 10 points.


  • This week we will be doing a mini PBL over Newton's Laws of Motion.  Students will be given a rubric and research page with daily checkpoints to keep them on track.  They will work in groups to build a poster, powerpoint, or iMovie.  
    Monday:Newton's Laws Mini PBL, Rubric, Checkpoint 1 - planning, research and design. Extra Credit Posters are due.  
    Tuesday:  Continue Newton's Laws Mini PBL Checkpoint 2 - research and build 50% complete.  
    Wednesday:  Writing Benchmark Will only see 5th-8th Period We will have an alternate science activity today.  
    Thursday:  Continue Newton's Laws Mini PBL, Checkpoint 3. Cleaning up the final product. 
    Friday: Group Presentations of final product.
  • This week we will be learning about Speed, Velocity and Acceleration. We will also be doing a lab over Newton's Laws.

    Monday: Speed, Velocity and Accelerations notes.

    Tuesday: Motion and Graphs notes and practice.

    Wednesday: Newton's Laws Lab (Day 1)

    Thursday: Newton's Laws Lab ( Day 2)

    Friday: Newton's Laws Quiz and final exam review (Due Monday 12/10).

  • We will spend the second half of the week reviewing for our final exam which will be on 12/19. We will start our week working on a project that deals with chemical reactions, motion and graphs.

    Monday: Team Review Project- Day 1 Build/Create Chemical Equation in class. This is an in class only project.

    Tuesday: Team Review Project- Build/Create Motion Graph.

    Wednesday: Team Review Project- We will present in class.

    Thursday: Exam Review Games.

    Friday: Exam Review Games.

  • This week we are having our Final Exams. Test reviews were handed out Thursday and the key was uploaded on Friday. 

    Monday - Math/Algebra Final periods 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Review in class for Science Final

    Tuesday -  Reading Final periods 4th, 6th, and 8th. Review in class for Science Final 

    Wednesday - Science Final periods 5th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Review for Social Studies Final 

    Thursday - Social Studies Final periods 5th, 6th, and 8th. 

    Friday - Early release 2:05   Holiday activities. 

  • This week we will begin our unit on Rotation/Revolution of the Earth. 
    Monday:  Welcome Back - Share your favorite holiday story from the break!  Rotation and Revolution- what's the difference?  Model both, notes on iPad. 
    Tuesday:  Students explore rotation of earth, position of sun in sky, and time of day by modeling. Sun's Warming Power with Direct and Indirect Light handout. Visit this website to change position and angle of the Sun: http://astro.unl.edu/naap/motion1/orbits_light.html
    ***Benchmark Make-Up Day - for those that were absent***
    Wednesday:  Force and Motion in the Solar System Reading and Questions (paper, Gateway book). *Homework if not finished in class.  Due Friday.
    Thursday:   Benchmark Review / Test Corrections / Bill Nye Video/Notes
    Friday:  eBackpack Warm-Up Quiz. Begin Light at different Latitudes Lab.  Students use mini-globes and flashlights to model how the amount of sunlight in a day varies at different latitudes. Paper.
    Report Cards Available on txconnect Wednesday, Jan 9th
    All Pro Dad Meeting Friday, Jan 11th, 7:30 am in Library
  • This week we will finish our unit on Rotation/Revolution in the Solar System and next week we move on to the Lunar cycle.

    We have an Exit Ticket on Thursday and a Warm Up Quiz on Friday covering seasons and day/night.  
    Monday:  Finish and Check Light at Different Latitudes Lab
    Tuesday:  Investigation of Earth's Seasons
    Wednesday:  Tilt and Whirl Modeling Activity
    Thursday:  Seasons Exit Ticket
    Friday:  Warm Up Quiz / Continue Finish Solar System Reading & Questions
  • Monday: Holiday
    Tuesday:  Begin Lunar Cycle with 'Moon Pops' activity- students use a styrofoam ball and light from window to model different lunar phases. ' Explore Phases of The Moon, Part I. Complete phase diagrams, definitions, questions (paper).  
    Wednesday: Go to www.moongiant.com, browse and discuss.  Finish Explore Moon Phases, Part 1 and 2, paper.  Students diagram the phases from two different perspectives.  Videos- Mr. Miagi "Wax On" and candle making video (waxing).
    Thursday:  Moon Notes- Moon phase fill-in blank reading notes, diagram, concept map, paper.  Check with key.  Homework if not finished in class.  Exit Ticket.
    Friday:  Warm Up Quiz.  Turn in Moon Notes and Warm Up.  Moon phase manipulatives- arrange phase cards in order of the lunar cycle to complete a whole month of phases on blank calendar.  Complete handout.  HAND OUT TEST REVIEWS!
  • This week we will continue and finish our unit on the Lunar cycle.  Then we will switch our focus to the moon's effect on tides.  We will be analyzing models, tide charts, and diagrams, then working with manipulatives to make sure we understand the cycle of tides inside and out.   
    We will have a Seasons and Moon Phases Test on Wednesday, Jan 30th.  The test review was handed out on 1/25 and is due 1/29.
    Use this website to check the real-time moon phase and for any extra explanations: http://www.moongiant.com/phase/today/
    Monday:  Lunar Diagram activity


    Tuesday:  Test Review Activity
    Wednesday:  Seasons/Moon Phases Test.
    Thursday: SOS
    Friday: Warm up check- Ocean Tides Notes
  • This week, we will be analyzing models, tide charts, and diagrams, and working with manipulatives to make sure we understand the cycle of tides.
    We will have a Tides eBackpack Quiz on Tuesday, Feb 5th.    
    Then, we will begin our components of the universe unit by introducing the electromagnetic spectrum.
    Monday:  Tides reading/webquest - students go to NOAA website for tidal information. Here is the link: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/education/tutorial_tides/welcome.html  Create Tidal Chart from web data.
    Tuesday:  Tides eBackpack Quiz 
    Make wave with jump ropes, Parts of a Wave/Electromagnetic vs Mechanical Notes, Notability. 
    Thursday:  Finish Waves notes and Waves Reading with Waves Concept Map, paper.
    Friday:  Explore Visible Light with diffraction lenses.  Exploring Visible Light, Notability.  Electromagnetic Spectrum Reading (Notability) with concept map and questions (paper). Electromagnetic Spectrum Song. 
  • This week we will continue learning about Electromagnetic Waves and how they are used to gather information from space, and move on to stars and their life cycle.  We'll have a lab where we use spectroscopes to observe the emission spectra of various light sources.

    Monday: Warm Up- Go here!!    http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2014/archives/  and check out how different wavelengths of EM radiation are layered to create a more meaningful image of space objects.  
    Cosmic Colors LAB- students use spectroscopes to observe and analyze various light sources, take pictures with iPads.  Before lab, review background information, Notability.
    Star Size Comparison Video.  Classifying Stars Lab Analysis and Reading on paper.
    Tuesday: Finish Cosmic Color Info. Analysis and Questions
    Wednesday:  Star Size Comparison Video.  Classifying Stars Lab Analysis and Reading on paper.

    Thursday:  HR Diagram intro activity- students assigned a star, arrange on an HR diagram according to temperature, size, and brightness.  HR Video and Notes, Notability.
    Announcements:  Color Dash Assembly (Advisory-Wednesday)




  • This week we will wrap up most of our unit on space.  Test reviews were handed out last Friday and are due this week on Thursday, 2/21.  There is a HW assignment (reading and questions if the students do not finish in class).

    Monday  Holiday - No School 
    Tuesday:  Videos -What Really Happens when the Sun Dies? -and- Explore Space.  Star Life Cycle Reading with questions, paper - this is homework if NOT finished at school - due Wednesday, 2/20.  
    Wednesday:  Video-How Do Stars Live and Die? 

    Thursday: Star Life Cycle WebQuest
     Test Review Due, was handed out last Friday, 2/15.
    Friday:   Space Test, This is a partner test.

    This week we will spend most of our time preparing for the Science Benchmark Test (DLA) on 3/6.  

    Monday:  Math Benchmark - Science Review
    Tuesday: Reading Benchmark - (4th, 6th, and 8th Period) Videos-What is Red Shift, Where is Center of our Universe?, and Big Bang Theory.  Notes and discuss.
    Wednesday:  Social Studies Benchmark - (5th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Period) Videos-What is Red Shift, Where is Center of our Universe?, and Big Bang Theory.  Notes and discuss.
    Thursday: Science DLA (Benchmark) Review Stations
    Friday: Science DLA (Benchmark) Review Stations
  • This is our last week of the 9 weeks. We will have two test this week.

    Monday-8th grade Science Released STAAR/ Bell schedule adjusted.

    Tuesday- DLA Kahoot Review 

    Wednesday-  Science DLA

    Thursday- Make UP/ Test Corrections

    Friday- Nature and different views of Nature

  • This week we will begin our Weather Unit.  We'll learn about how heat is transferred and how that influences ocean currents and wind formation. 
    Monday:  Review Methods of Heat Transfer- conduction, convection, and radiation.  Research WebQuest
    Tuesday:  Convection Lab, Analysis.  Students explore the behavior of water as it is heated and cooled.  
    Wednesday:  Intro to Ocean Currents, PPT. Notes
    Thursday:  Ocean Current Color Mapping
    Friday:  Air Pressure and Wind Formation, Notes
  • This week we will begin our unit on Plate Tectonics.  We'll start with observing some Texas fossils and then discuss evidence that supports continental drift.  Then we'll review the layers of the Earth and learn about the convection currents that drive the motion of the tectonic plates. 
    Monday: Test Corrections/Reteach, Intro to Plate Tectonics
    Tuesday:  Fossil observation and Cretaceous Sea, piece together Pangaea.  Begin Tectonic Plates, Wegener Notes in Notability.  
    Cool article describing the extinct Mososaur.  A whole skeleton was found near Austin in 1935!  http://www.northtexasfossils.com/pdfs/OnionCreekMosasaur 
    Wednesday:  Layers of Earth Reading (Earth's Interior) & Concept Map
    Thursday:  Check Earth's Interior, Convection Currents Demo, Asthenosphere Plasticity Activity
    Friday:  Plate Boundaries and Features Notes (.PPT)
  • Monday: Basic Crust Features, Plotting and Associating with Boundary Activity, Analysis
    Tuesday: MATH STAAR
    Wednesday: READING STAAR
    Thursday: Edible Earth Lab- experiment with various materials to model convergent,  divergent, and transform boundaries
    Friday: P.T. map analysis/diagram/concept map.  *There will be an open notes quiz on Plate Tectonics in eBackpack on Monday.* 
  • This week we will have a quiz on Plate Tectonics.  Next, we move on to Topography and then Ecosystems by starting with food webs and ecosystems vocabulary.
    Monday:  Plate Tectonics Videos. Plate Tectonics eBackpack Quiz.  Students may do corrections if needed.
    Tuesday:  An introduction to topography
    Wednesday: Battle at Kruger Video.  Ecosystem vocab review with reading.
    Thursday: Begin constructing a food web on assigned ecosystem with a partner.
    Friday: Holiday

  • This week we will continue our Ecosystems unit.  We'll hand out our STAAR HW Review Packets on Friday - these packets will require a parent signature each night until STAAR preparation is complete (2 weeks).  The STAAR Review HW packet, quizzes, and daily activities will culminate in the final major grade of this 9 week cycle.
    Monday:  Food Web Gallery Walk- students analyze each other's food webs.  Food web how-to: break down example food web questions in eBackpack Quiz.
    Tuesday:  Symbiosis Web Quest
    Wednesday:  Oh Deer! Activity - populations, resources, and competition within an ecosystem
    Thursday:  Adaptations - explore how organisms most adapted survive long enough to reproduce and pass on those traits
    Friday:Human dependence on Ocean Systems
  • This week, we will review a different subject everyday with different activities.  Work hard and take pride in your effort - get better every day!
    REMEMBER:  Every night this week, you will have homework.  You must get an adult signature every night on your HW tracker.
    Monday:  Earth and Space
    Tuesday: Earth and Space
    Wednesday: Life Science
    Thursday: Life Science
    Friday: Life Science
  • This is our second week of STAAR SCIENCE REVIEW!  I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication.  Please keep up the great work and remember that you are investing in yourself.  You are half way through STAAR Review so take this weekend to revitalize and let's finish strong.

  • ORMS - Open House/PTA meeting - 

    Open House for the 2018-19 school year

    5:30pm GT and ESL Meetings

    6:pm PTA Meeting

    6:15pm Open house. Parents may visit their childs classroom teachers as we ring bells to move classes as the daily schedule shows.


    Please join us for a pizza dinner!

    Bring the whole family

       Learn about the ESL program

       Find out which test your students will be taking this year

       Meet other families and teachers

    Monday 24th of September 6-7 p.m. 

    Location: OakRun Cafeteria 


  • https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0f49a5a622abf49-high

    Dear ORMS 8th Grade Parents:

    Monday, October 15thORMS will host three parent informational meetings on high school graduation plans in the ORMS Library. The first two will be at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. If you plan on attending one of these meetings, please be sure to come early because you have to have your ID processed through our Raptor system in order to attend. If you email Silvia Penrose at SPenrose@nbisd.org by October 12th at 2:30 pm that you plan to attend one of these meetings, and you have already been Raptured in our system with your ID, then we can get your visitor badge ready and waiting for you.

    The other meeting on Monday, October 15th is scheduled for 6:00 pm. There is no need to worry about being Raptured into our system during this meeting.

    ORMS Counselors will host student informational meetings through 8th grade English Language Arts classes on October 17th and October 18th! Students will learn about graduation plans, endorsements and how to use Career Cruising to plot and plan their high school courses for all four years.

    Once students have attended their 8th grade info meeting held during their ELA class period, they need to head home to share, discuss, and plan their four year high school plan with their parents/guardians. Students need to show their parents Career Cruising and have meaningful conversations about what they want to take in high school. Parents need to also share their academic expectations with their student as well. Selecting these courses will take place of the traditional registration process. Students will select their courses for 9th grade as well as 10th, 11th and 12th grades. The only difference is that the courses selected for 10th, 11th and 12th grade will be reviewed each year prior to fully registering. The 9th grade courses are being selected during this high school graduation meeting with their middle school counselor.

    After the above planning takes place, then parents must sign up for a high school graduation plan meeting with an ORMS Counselor. At that meeting, the 8th grade student, at least one parent and an ORMS Counselor will review the course selections for all four years of high school. The counselor will be available to address any questions or concerns as well. These appointments are 30 minutes long.

Tutorials will be available with Mr. Wilson during football season. A note is needed from either myself or a parent if a student plans to attend tutorials in the morning. 

During basketball season tutorials will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00-8:15 with me. Mr. Wilson will be available for afternoon tutorials. 

During track season tutorials will be available Monday-Thursday from 3:35-4:05. Mr. Wilson will be available for morning tutorials. 

His tutorials schedule is below. 

Morning Science Tutorials:  8:00-8:15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Afternoon Science Tutorials: 3:30-4:00 on Monday and Wednesday

Students attending tutorials should be on task at all times.

Remind101 is a message service through which I can send texts to phones or iPads about upcoming events, projects, tests, etc.  

The Course Code is:   @h793f9

You can join Remind 3 different ways: 

1) Text the code to 81010

2) Go to remind.com and enter the code 

3) Download the app and enter the code

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