Kathryn Willis

ORMS Art 1 Teacher


Welcome to Oak Run Middle School Art 1 classes!  I look forward to getting to know your child this year.  Art 1 classes will be taught with emphasis on the elements and principles of design.  The elements are line, value, space, form, shape, color, and texture.  The principles are unity, contrast, variety, pattern, movement, emphasis, and balance.  We will also study about artists, cultural arts, and historical art genre.  I will encourage critical thinking and creativity as students apply the elements and principles of art to produce drawings, paintings, sculptures, weavings, prints, etc. through a variety of media and methods.  The art making process will be of utmost importance in Art 1.  I am very excited to watch your children grow and enjoy creating art!

My Schedule:

1st Period 8:20-9:07--Art 1                  

2nd Period 9:11-9:58--Art 1                   

3rd Period: 10:02-10:49--Conference        

4th Period 10:53-11:40--Art 1

5th Period 12:18-1:14--Art 1

6th Period  1:18-2:05--Art 1

7th Period 2:09-2:39--Advisory

8th Period 2:43-3:30--Art 1


You may contact me at ORMS, Room 601 at 830-627-6434.  I will return your call as soon as possible.  You may email me at kwillis@nbisd.org.  


Art 1 Supply List 2018-19

Mrs. Willis

Room 601


All students are asked to please bring the following art supplies:

*1 package or more #2 pencils (not mechanical)

*1 package of baby wipes (any brand) for cleaning oil pastels, paint, and other messes.  We only have 2 sinks for approximately 30 students per class.

*1 or more bars of Ivory Soap for sculpture project. (Please label name and period number)

*1 white poster board (22 X 28) (to be used to make art portfolios and mount artworks.) May carefully fold in half. Please label with name and per. #.

*One cereal box flattened (for sculpture project) Please label

*One or more used (but clean) styrofoam cups to be used for recycled sculpture project. Please write name on bottom with permanent marker.

*To keep down the amount of supplies for students to bring, the remaining items needed will be shared between class periods:

Class period 1 is asked to bring 1 package of markers (thick tip) and 1 package of markers (thin tip)

Class periods 2 and 4 are asked to bring a package of computer paper (for daily drawing activities)

Class period 5 is asked to bring 2 boxes of facial tissues (For runny noses, we go through these quickly!)

Class period 6 is asked to bring a roll of making, tape 1 or 2 inch.  Scotch brand preferred.

Class period 8 is asked to bring a box of gallon size freezer bags (any brand)

3rd period is my planning period, and 7th period is advisory class (no supplies needed.)

NOTE—All items except for poster board will be shared and do NOT need to be labeled.  Please write name in pencil on corner of poster board and fold carefully in half (hamburger style).

I realize it is often difficult to find all supplies at the beginning of the year, so if you can’t find an item, it can be brought later.  I would like to have all items by October 1st if possible.  In case of financial difficulty, email me or call me and we can work something out.

We do have an art budget which is used to buy paper for drawing and painting projects, watercolor paint, tempera paint, printing ink, brushes, watercolor pencils, oil pastels, sharpeners, erasers, scissors, glue, construction paper, and many other supplies.


Thank you so much for your support! I am excited to meet you and your children and

get busy learning about and making ART!!

I grade all major art projects using the rubric system.  A rubric of required elements will be posted on the board. Students will each receive a copy of the rubric and attach it to their art works.  Generally, I have them score each element of the rubric (self evaluation).  I will then score the rubric and add constructive comments  as needed.  I rarely give homework to students, but I do encourage them to have a sketchbook at home and practice drawing anything and everything they can find to draw.  If a student cannot complete a project in class, they may schedule a time to come for tutoring or (with my permission), they may take the work home to finish.  Most projects can be completed in class as long as students work diligently. Students who have been absent will also need to work in tutoring or at home to complete the work.  We have so much to accomplish during the year, and students generally will not have time to make up missing work during class.

Art 1

Information, Rules, and Procedures

This form will be given to students the first week of school.  You may access it here if it doesn't make it home!  Please sign the permission to display artwork form at the bottom of the page and return to me.  Students also need to sign that they have read the form.

Welcome to Mrs. Willis's art classes at Oak Run Middle School!  

Art Room Expectations:

  1. Respect each other, your teacher, the property of others, and the art room.
  2. Be on time, and stay on task.
  3. Stay in assigned seat unless given permission to get up.
  4. Listen during instruction, and use indoor voices when talking is allowed.
  5. Clean up your area before leaving.
  6. Use all tools and materials properly.
  7. Stay seated until your teacher dismisses you.
  8. All rules in the NBISD handbook will be observed in art classes.

Grading:  Project grades and tests (50%), daily class work including quizzes (50%)

Discipline:  Student misbehaviors will be documented.  Seating changes, writing lines or paragraphs, and phone calls to parents will be used for minor infractions.  Major infractions such as fighting or insubordination and persistent misbehavior will result in an office referral.  

Cell phones or electronic devices may be used with teacher permission only.

Tardiness to class after the first week of school will result in a lunch detention.  

Absences and missed work:  Students are responsible for missed assignments.  On return to school, they should ask me what they have missed.  We will give time before or after school or at home to complete these assignments.  

Using the restroom:  Students are asked to use the restroom before school, during lunch, and between classes.  On an emergency basis, they will be allowed to go after the 1st 15 minutes and before the last 15 minutes of class.  Only one student at a time will be allowed to go.

iTunes U:  Please enroll in your child's iTunes U art course to see what is happening in art each week.  Students will be given an enrollment code.

Contact Info:  Mrs. Willis:  kwillis@nbisd.org  830-627-6434


Please sign, detach, and return the form below:


***Permission Form (sign only if you give permission for artwork and your child’s name to be displayed:  I give permission to have my child's artwork displayed inside and outside of the Oak Run Campus.  Child's name:____________________________

Parent's signature:_________________________________________________________

***Acknowledgment:  I have read and understand the class rules.  

Student's signature:_________________________________________________

Parent’s name:  _________________________________________

Parent’s email:  _________________________________________ 

Thank You!  I am looking forward to a great year in art at ORMS!  See you soon!                                               

***Please email me your name, your child’s name, and your email address if you wish to receive a weekly message.  I will briefly explain activities we are doing and any information I might want to share.  I occasionally attach photos of student work.

I am available for students to work on missed work from 8:00-8:15 and 3:35-4:00 on Mondays and Thursdays.   Students should only use art tutoring if they have been absent and have an overdue project to complete.  

Monday Mail:

May 20-24

Students will complete and color their 2 point perspective city drawing.  These are due Friday for a major grade.  I have built in plenty of extra time for students who have missed class to complete them.  Those who are finished may choose to draw and paint the bicycle set up in the room or the still life set up in the room.  See details below.

Students will continue to work on their city drawings using 2 point linear perspective.  They must draw 5 buildings with doors and windows, 2 streets or canals, people, animals, vehicles, and other objects one might see in a city.  They have the option to create a fantasy theme in their city if they wish to score extra points for creativity.  Drawings must be colored.  All drawings are due no later than May 24.  I have added an extra week to make sure all students can finish even if they are absent or out of class for a few days.

Notes from the school nurse

Medication Guidelines:

In order to ensure the safe dispensing of all medicines during school hours, all employees must follow the New Braunfels Independent School District Medication guidelines. All medications intended for students must be kept in the nurse’s office. The school does not furnish any medication for the student.

  • The parent or legal guardian must bring the medication to the school in the original container and complete a written request. Students are not allowed to transport medications due to safety reasons. The request must include the student’s name, the name of medication to be given, amount to be given, time to be given, the length of time the medication will be needed at school, date of permission and signature of the parent or guardian.

  • Medications must be in the original container and properly labeled. Prescription medication labels includes the name and address of the pharmacy, name of the student, prescribing practitioner, date prescription is dispensed, name of medication, strength of medication, manufacturer principal ingredients if not a Brand name medication, recommended dosage, and times to be given and other instructions if indicated.

  • Prescription medication for long-term use (over 2 weeks) will require an order from the prescribing physician.

  • Parents need to schedule the administration of student medication in such a manner that medication brought to school will be kept to a minimum. For example, if the medication is required four times a day, the school would administer the noon dose only. Medication required two or three times a day should be given at home.

  • Parents may request a “school bottle” from the pharmacy if the medication is to be given at school - the pharmacy will divide the dosage needed for school time and home. The school bottle can remain at school until its contents have been taken. If a school bottle is not provided and the medication must go home in the afternoon, parents must transport the medication.

  • Parents of children who are on long-term medication or require special procedures are required to conference with the nurse before therapy is begun.

    Over-TheCounter medication must be in the original container and include recommended dosage, directions and reasons for use. Over-The-Counter medications will be administered according to the Medication Policy and according to the manufacture’s recommendations on the label. A doctor’s order will be required if requests are in excess of the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, length of time and reasons for use.

    Asthmatics - Please complete the asthma information record and return it to the nurse to keep with the student’s file, to facilitate emergency treatment if needed. If a student uses an inhaler, either daily or as needed, please provide a school inhaler to be kept in the nurse’s office in case of an emergency. For students requiring further treatment (i.e. nebulizers), parents must consult the nurse on an individual basis. No student may have medication in his/her possession on school grounds during school hours without proper authorization.

    Herbal and Dietary Supplements - Herbal substances, home remedies or dietary supplements are not administered at school unless required by the individualized education program or Section 504 plan of a student with disabilities.

    In accordance with Board of Nurse Examiners Rule, 22 Texas Administrative Code 217.11, the school nurse has the responsibility and authority to refuse to administer medications that, in his or her judgment, are not in the best interest of the student. Reference for policy and procedure is The Texas Guide to School Health programs developed by the Department of State Health Services. http://www.dshs.texas.gov/schoolhealth/pgtoc.shtm

Keep those germs away!!!
Good health habits are very helpful in avoiding illness. As
we are in the midst of the winter months, we tend to see
more illness and influenza. Please remember to:
1 - Avoid close contact with persons who are sick.
2 - Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve, or a tissue
when sneezing or coughing.
3 - Clean your hands washing often with soap and water, or
using antibacterial hand sanitizer.
4 - Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
5 - Practice other good health habits such as get plenty of
sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink
plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious foods.
6 - Stay home when you are sick. Students must be fever
free 100 degrees or below for 24 hours without fever
reducing medicine ,before returning to school. Call Nurse
Goodpasture at 627-6405 if you have any questions.
The single best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated
each year. And it’s not too late! You may still contact your
doctor, local pharmacy or the Comal County Health Department for the vaccine.
Stay Healthy New Braunfels!


Notes from the school nurse:

Medication Guidelines

Notes from the school nurse:

Medication Guidelines

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