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Wow, I am so excited to be back to school!  What a great group of kids I have in my classes!  We are going to have a lot of fun learning in 6th grade science! 

Just a few fun facts about Mrs. Beabout:

-This is my 9th year teaching 6th grade science at OakRun Middle School.  Science rocks!

-This is my 14th year to teach.  Previous to teaching at ORMS, I taught 8th and 5th grade social studies in La Vernia.

-I graduated from New Braunfels High School in 1996. I am thrilled to be in my hometown teaching Unicorns! GO BLUE!

-I graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science in Geographic Information Systems and Business Administration.

-I played volleyball at Southwest Texas State University.  EAT 'EM UP CATS!

-Other than teaching 6th graders, I LOVE being outdoors, the beach, hiking, running, photography, and of course, I LOVE my amazing family, including my 2 beautiful daughters!

1st Period: 6th Grade Science

2nd Period: 6th Grade Science

3rd Period: 6th Grade Science

4th Period: Conference (10:58 - 11:45)

Lunch (11:49-12:19)

5th Period: 6th Grade Science

6th Period: 6th Grade Science

7th Period: GT Advisory

8th Period: 6th Grade Science

Email: kbeabout@nbisd.org

Classroom phone: (830) 627-6453

Class Syllabus

 6th Grade Science Syllabus 2018-19 Student should request.

Stemscopes, Our Digital Textbook


User: nblunch number  /  Password: lunch number

Links for Domain and Kingdoms Research 

Classification of Living Things - Windows to the Universe https://www.windows2universe.org/?page=/earth/life/classification_intro.html        

The Six Kingdoms http://www.ric.edu/faculty/ptiskus/six_kingdoms/

Biodiversity: The Three Domains of Life https://www.biology.iupui.edu/biocourses/N100/2k23domain.html

Please scroll down to the "The Three Domains - Some Characteristics" to find some helpful information.

Ecosystem Links

ESchool Today: http://www.eschooltoday.com

Read about the Texas Hill Country and the Edwards Plateau: https://tpwd.texas.gov/kids/about_texas/regions/hill_country/big_kids/

Parent, Student, and Teacher Communication:

  • Parents may use TxConnect to monitor grades.
  • Use Notability, eBackpack, Stemscopes, and iTunesU on your child’s iPad to monitor assignment progress and assessments.
  • On or before every Monday, I will update Monday Mail.  Parents should bookmark Mrs. Beabout's Monday Mail page on their own device or computer so that they can return easily and regularly.  The information posted on this page will help parents become aware of the class agenda for the week. Significant dates, such as testing days, will always be included in the Monday Mail previous to the testing week.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please let me know. I will be glad to answer your questions or set up an appointment for a conference.  kbeabout@nbisd.org

For 6th Grade Science -

Dear Parents and Students,

By October 12, 2018, we need to collect a large amount of aluminum cans for our recycling unit.  If you can donate standard size cans, that have been rinsed and are straight, we would greatly appreciate your help.  Please send your donations to Mrs. Beabout.


If you ever have an abundance of school supplies that you would like to donate to the classroom, please do not hesitate.  We are always in need of: pencils, glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, markers, composition books, tissues, and various craft supplies.

Thank you!

Mrs. Beabout


For Our ORMS Outdoor Classrooms -

Our needs vary depending on the time of the year, but it seems our greatest need is muscle and time.  We have advisors from the community (master gardeners, extension agents, youth educators, etc.) that help us to plan and manage our outdoor spaces, but it is mostly teachers who provide the labor.  If you can donate time, man-power, resources, or even some good ideas, please contact me.

Thank you!

Mrs. Beabout

Mrs. Beabout's Monday Mail

6th Grade Science

Week 1/11:  March 18 - 22

Monday: Introduction to Space

Tuesday-Wednesday: Begin Space Research (Part 1: Individually) - Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids

Thursday-Friday: Continue Space Research (Parts 2-4: Home and Expert Groups) - Inner and Outer Planets

Week 2/11:  March 25 - 29

Monday-Wednesday: Continue Space Research (Parts 2-4: Home and Expert Groups) - Inner and Outer Planets

Thursday: Introduction to the Sun

Friday: Continue Space Research (Part 5: Individually) - The Sun and Moons

Week 3/11:  April 1- 5

Monday-Tuesday: Continue Space Research (Part 5-6: Individually) - The Sun and Moons and Current Events in Space

Wednesday: Space Review

Thursday-Friday: Space Timeline 

Week 4/11:  April 8-12

Monday: Timeline Gallery Walk

Tuesday-Wednesday: "For All Mankind" Documentary

Thursday: Space Review

Friday:  Space Test

Week 5/11:  April 15-19

Monday: Analysis of the Space Test and Completion of the Moon-Landing Documentary

Tuesday: Introduction of the New Unit: Organisms and Environment with Outdoor Exploration and Observations

Wednesday - Thursday: Investigation and Discovery of Cells and the Cell Nucleus

Friday:  Holiday

Week 6/11:  April 22-26

Monday-Tuesday: Compare and contrast eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.  Create a booklet.

Wednesday: Introduction of the new topic: classification of life.

Thursday-Friday: Add notes to our journal and begin the "Domains and Kingdoms Slide Show."

Week 7/11:  April 29 - May 3 

Monday - Thursday: "Domains and Kingdoms" Slide Show

Friday:  MRS. GREN's Proper Booklet of Life Processes

Week 8/11:  May 6 - 10

Monday: MRS. GREN's Proper Booklet of Life Processes

Tuesday - Wednesday: Introduction to Ecosystems Presentation, Notes, and Online Interactive

Thursday: Nature Walk and Photography Tour

Friday:  Begin Realistic Ecosystem Illustrations

Week 9/11:  May 13 - 17

Monday - Wednesday: STAAR Testing / Complete Ecosystem Illustration (due Friday 5/17)

Thursday: Worth the Wait, Lesson 1: Essential Human Needs and Healthy Relationships with Family and Peers

Friday:  Worth the Wait, Lesson 2: What's Puberty?

Week 10/11:  May 20 - 24

Monday: Review for the Final Exam (Use notes in journal and practice test in ebackpack to prepare.)

Tuesday: ScienceFinal Exam

Wednesday: Worth the Wait, Lesson 4: Why Wait? Pregnancy, STDs, and Legal Issues

Thursday: Worth the Wait, Lesson 5: The Benefits of Waiting: Physical, Financial, and Emotional

Friday:  Worth the Wait, Lessons 3: Anatomy and Puberty

Week 11/11:  May 27 - 30

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Worth the Wait, Lesson 8: Sexual Abuse 

Wednesday: Field Day

Thursday:  6th Grade Science Wrap-up/Clean-up, Early Release

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