Leslie Brooks

7th Grade Social Studies
Department Head
GT Advisor

Hi, my name is Leslie Brooks, and I'm excited to begin my 23rd year of teaching, and my 17th year in NBISD. I'm a graduate of NBHS and The University of Texas at Austin, where I received my BA in English.  
I LOVE Texas--everything about it! I can't wait to share what I know and love about our great state with you.

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3 7th SS/Texas History

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7 7th GT Advisory

8 7th SS/Texas History

Tutorials: mornings by appointment, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons until 4:00.

Email: lbrooks@nbisd.org (The best way to reach me)

Voicemail: 830-625-8514

Week of 10/15

  • Monday--Students will have a graded activity over the vocabulary terms from Anglo Americans in Texas.
  • Tuesday--Students will learn about and take notes over Stephen F. Austin's Colony. 
  • Wednesday--Students will have a graded activity choosing colonists for a colony of their own.
  • Thursday--Students will watch a video and take notes over Colonial Life in Texas; notes will be graded.
  • Friday--Students will create mock Instagram posts depicting their lives as though they were living in Texas in the 1800s. These will be due on Monday, Oct. 23.
  • Test 3 will be on Monday, Oct. 23.  Topics tested will be "Early Spanish Texas," "The Spanish Missions," "Colonists Rebel," "Anglo Americans in Texas," and "Austin's Colony."

Week of 10/8

  • Monday --Students will create memes about the Mexican War for Independence. These will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday-- We will read a section from our textbook and watch a short video about Early Spanish Texas.
  • Wednesday--Students will learn some vocabulary terms relating to Early Spanish Texas and take a quiz in Quizlet.
  • Thursday-- Q1 District Level Assessment (Benchmark)
  • Friday--We will read a section from our textbook about Anglo Americans in Texas and begin notes.

Week of 10/1

Please Read:


Your student may have mentioned to you that there were significant changes made to the eBackpack app just before school started.  These changes are drastic and broad and have affected teachers and students, making the usual workflow more time consuming and difficult.  Teachers have provided feedback to eBackpack, but so far, no improvements have been made.

Because of this, I will not be using eBackpack for classwork for the time being.  We will still use the eBackpack app for quizzes and tests, but the rest of our classwork will be done on paper until we can switch to Google Classroom.  We will continue to use our iPads for iTunesU and Notability, but anything that must be turned in and graded through eBackpack besides assessments will now be completed on paper.  

Hopefully, this will allow me to stay caught up on grading, and eliminate some of the problems students and teachers have been experiencing on a daily basis.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this change.


  • Monday & Tuesday-- We will read several articles and take notes over the Spanish Missions system in Texas.  Notes will be turned in for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday-- Students will complete a mosaic about the Spanish Missions in Texas.
  • Thursday-- Test 2: The Constitution, Preamble and Bill of Rights, Spanish Explorers, LaSalle and Spanish Missions in TX.
  • Friday--We will read and begin notes on Early Spanish Texas.


Week of 9/24

  • Monday - Finish reading and notes about Spanish explorers in TX.  Students will have an assignment to complete.
  • Tuesday--read a play about the French explorer LaSalle and his failed expedition to TX. 
  • Wednesday--complete an assignment about LaSalle and begin watching a documentary about the excavation of his shipwreck, LaBelle
  • Thursday--finish documentary and take a quiz.

Week of 9/17

  • Monday - It's Freedom Week! We will watch a Constitution video and take a quiz. Then we will discuss Test Corrections and missing work.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday we will recite the Preamble and cover the Bill of Rights.
  • Thursday & Friday we begin Spanish Explorers.

Week of 9/10/18

  • Monday & Tuesday - We will learn about the four geographic regions of Texas and their subregions.  Students will begin completing a graphic organizer for their notes.
  • Wednesday & Thursday - We will learn about the four major Native Texan groups who lived in each of the regions of Texas.  We will complete our graphic organizer and turn it in for a grade.
  • Friday - Test 1 will cover Primary and Secondary Sources, Mapping Texas and the Four Regions of Texas.

Week of 9/3/18

  • Monday - Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday - We will have a crash course intro to Texas with a map of the major cities, rivers, and border states. Map will be a daily grade.
  • Wednesday - We will set up our iPads and get all our Social Studies resources ready to go. 
  • Thursday - Friday We will tackle Primary and Secondary sources. There will be some reading, notes, group/partner activities, and a daily grade mixed in for fun!

Week of 8/27/18

  • This is where you will find a basic weekly agenda including information about upcoming tests and projects. The first week we will be doing a lot of "getting to know each other" activities as well as discussing procedures and expectations.


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