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7th Grade Social Studies

Hi, my name is Leslie Brooks, and I'm excited to begin my 21st year of teaching, and my 14th year in NBISD. I'm a graduate of NBHS and The University of Texas at Austin, where I received my BA in English.  
I LOVE Texas--everything about it! I can't wait to share what I know and love about our great state with you.

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Tutorials: mornings by appointment, Monday-Thursday afternoons until 4:00.

Email: lbrooks@nbisd.org (The best way to reach me)

Voicemail: 830-625-8514

Week of 5/7/18

  • Monday: Quiz over 7 Principles of Government (Re-takes may be done any day this week in tutorials, except Friday morning.) Continue notes over Levels of Government in Texas.
  • Tuesday: Government vocabulary   
  • (On Tuesday, students will be asked to go home and take a photo of part of the current voter registration card for a registered voter who lives with them. It's not required that they do this, but it will make the activity much easier for them.)
  • Wednesday: Who's My Representative? activity
  • Thursday: Review for Test 12 over Government
  • Friday: Test 12 and the final Picking for Points of the year

Week of 4/30/18

  • Monday: Test 11 Review (Great Depression, Dust Bowl, New Deal, WW2) Quizlet Flash Cards: https://quizlet.com/_4t7i9h
  • Tuesday: Test 11
  • Wednesday - Friday: Government

Week of 4/23/18

  • Monday: Read and notes over how Texas changed during WWII
  • Tuesday: Finish notes; watch documentary about internment camps
  • Wednesday: Write blog entries from the point of view of a child in an internment camp
  • Thursday: Notes over Texan heroes from WWII
  • Friday: Design a monument to a Texan hero from WWII

Week of 4/16/18

  • Monday: Video and Quiz over the Great Depression
  • Tuesday: Reading from The Worst Hard Time and quiz over the Dust Bowl
  • Wednesday: Read from textbook and take notes over The New Deal
  • Thursday: Write an acrostic poem about the Great Depression
  • Friday: Read "Shootout with Bonnie and Clyde" and answer questions

Week of 4/9/18

  • Monday: Students will finish their life-sized person from the 1920s.
  • Tuesday: 7th Grade STAAR Writing Test (Only some classes will meet.)
  • Wednesday: Review for Test 10
  • Thursday: Test 10 and "Picking for Points"
  • Friday: Begin reading and taking notes about the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

Week of 4/2/18

  • Monday: Finish WWI notes and turn in.
  • Tuesday: Learn about WWI trench art and create a piece of art.
  • Wednesday: Video and Video Notes about the 1920s.
  • Thursday: Notes: Texas in the 1920s.
  • Friday: Students will work in a small group to draw a life-sized person from the 1920s to feature the new products and experiences of the decade.

Week of 3/26/18

  • Monday:watch a video and answer your choice of questions over a video about the first American gangsters.
  • Tuesday: Read and take notes over Gov. Jim Ferguson and the Progressives
  • Wednesday: Videos over WWI and Pancho Villa
  • Thursday: Reading and notes over WWI (will be turned in next week when we finish them)
  • Friday: Holiday/No school

Week of 3/19/18  4th Quarter Begins

  • Monday: read Ch 21.1, notes and Quiz on Early Reforms in Texas.
  • Tuesday: group reading and questions on some Lone Star Legends.
  • Wednesday: read Ch 21.2 and take notes over Populism.
  • Thursday: complete a daily assignment over Governor Hogg and Populism.
  • Friday: watch a video and answer our choice of questions over a Video about the first American gangsters.

Week of 3/12/18

  • SPRING BREAK WooHoo!!!!

Week of 3/5/18

  • Monday & Tuesday: Work on Fracking PSA (Major Grade - due Tuesday)
  • Wednesday: Favorite Texan Hero Essay
  • Thursday: 9 Weeks Test (Over Test 7&8 and Unit 9)
  • Friday: Test Corrections/Missing Work/Yay it's almost Spring Break Day!

Week of 2/26/18

  • Monday: Students will complete a daily assignment over the discovery of oil in Texas.
  • Tuesday: Read about the oil boom in Texas and take notes.
  • Wednesday: Oil Boomtown activity
  • Thursday: Videos and notes over fracking and its impact on Texas.
  • Friday: Students will begin working on a PSA about fracking.  It will last several class periods and will be a major grade.
  • Coming up...Thursday, March 8, Third Quarter Test


Week of 2/19/18

  • Monday: President's Day Holiday!
  • Tuesday: Sharecropping Activity in class and assignment.
  • Wednesday & Thursday we will begin the Oil Industry in Texas.
  • Friday: Students will receive their reward for raising $30,000 during social studies - Snow Cones! .

Week of 2/12/18

  • Monday: Test 8 Review 
  • Tuesday: Test 8
  • Wednesday:  We will watch a video about the Industrial Revolution and discuss how it affected Texas.
  • Thursday:   Students will take notes over The Growth of Industry and complete a chart showing the positive and negative effects.
  • Friday: We will begin learning about the Cotton Kingdom of Texas by reading in the textbook.

Week of 2/5/18

  • Monday: We will read and take notes over the major cattle trails and cattle drives.
  • Tuesday: We will recreate a cattle drive and students will create a timeline for a cattle drive for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday:  We will read and take notes over the end of the open range.
  • Thursday:  Students will watch a video "The Real American Cowboy." 
  • Friday: Students will write a rap song in the spirit of "Gangsta's Paradise"

Week of 1/29/18

  • Monday: We will read and take notes over the Frontier Wars.
  • Tuesday: Students will complete an assignment over the Frontier Wars.
  • Wednesday:  We will watch a video and students will take a quiz over the Buffalo Soldiers.
  • Thursday:  We will read and take notes about the Cattle Kingdom.
  • Friday: Students will complete a map over the Cattle Trails for a daily grade.

Week of 1/22/18

  • Monday: We will complete an activity over primary source documents from the Civil War.  Students will turn in a chart for a daily grade.
  • Tuesday: We will read in the textbook about Reconstruction in Texas and take notes.
  • Wednesday:   Students will make a Top Ten List about challenges faced in Texas during Reconstruction.
  • Thursday:  Test Review Topics will include: Mexican War, Manifest Destiny, Texas Secedes, TX in the Civil War, Reconstruction in Texas
  • Friday: Test 7

Week of 1/16/18

  • Monday: MLK, Jr. Day--School Holiday
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: We will finish learning about Texas' decision to secede from the United States.  After finishing the notes we started on Friday, students will work in small groups to create a poster either FOR or AGAINST secession. This will be for a daily grade.  
  • Thursday: We will begin studying the role Texas and Texans played in the Civil War. 
  • Friday: Students will complete a map activity of the Civil War battles that took place in Texas for a daily grade.

Week of 1/8/18

  • Monday: We will watch a short video about the Mexican War and take notes over it.  Oral quiz over video.
  • Tuesday: Students will complete a map of the US at the time of the Mexican War for a daily grade.
  • Wednesday: We will watch a short video about Manifest Destiny and take notes over it.  
  • Thursday: Students will read a primary source document about westward expansion and answer questions over it for a daily grade.
  • Friday: We will begin discussing the reasons Texas decided to secede from the United States prior to the Civil War.  We will read in the textbook and complete notes.

Week of 12/11

  • Monday: Students will have an opportunity to complete any missing work or do some extra credit.  All make-up work and extra credit will be due on Wednesday, Dec. 13.
  • Tuesday-Friday: We will work on reviewing for the semester benchmark exam that will be given on Thursday, December 21.

Week of 12/4

  • Monday: Test 5
  • Tuesday: Republic of Texas--"Houston's Presidency" (read and take notes)
  • Wednesday: Republic of Texas--"Lamar's Vision" (read and take notes); watch "The Daytripper, Huntsville"
  • Thursday: Republic of Texas--"Houston's Return and Annexation" (read and take notes)
  • Friday: small group project--Republic of Texas Time Capsule


Week of 11/27

  • Monday: Read Lone Star Legend: James W. Fannin and complete 5-2 Process: Fannin's Report Card
  • Tuesday: Benchmark Writing test until 11:40 am. Watch The Alamo.
  • Wednesday: Read Ch 10.3 and take 5-3 Notes: The Documents of Independence
  • Thursday: 5-3 Process: Documents of Independence
  • Friday:Test 5 Review. Test 5 will be Monday, Dec. 4.

Week of 11/13

  • Monday: Review for Test 4 
  • Tuesday:Test 4; continue watching "The Alamo" and answering discussion questions as we watch
  • Wednesday: We will do an assignment over "The Battle of the Alamo" section in the textbook we read last week. It will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday.  Continue watching "The Alamo" and answering questions as we watch.
  • Thursday: We will finish reading in the textbook about the events of the Texas Revolution, ending with the Texans winning at the Battle of San Jacinto.  We will complete our Texas Revolution Diary students have been keeping. It will be due at the beginning of class on Friday for a MAJOR GRADE.
  • Friday: We will complete notes for "The Fighting Continues" and finish watching "The Alamo." Discussion questions over the video will be due upon completion of the movie.

Week of 11/6

  • Monday: Read in the textbook about the next events in the Texas Revolution. Update Texas Revolution Diary.
  • Tuesday: Notes over Monday's reading. Video about the Battle of Gonzales
  • Wednesday:Students will work in pairs to create a recruiting poster for the Texas Revolution
  • Thursday: Test Review
  • Friday: We will test over the following topics--Colonial Life in Texas,
  • Constitution of 1824 & Law of 4/6/1830, Santa Anna and Rising Tensions, Conflict Escalates

Week of 10/30

  • Monday: Students will use the information from the "Colonial Life in Texas" video to create a fake Instagram account for a colonial person.
  • Tuesday: We will begin learning about the tensions between Texas colonists and the Mexican government.  Students will take notes after reading a section in the textbook.
  • Wednesday: After finishing the notes over the Constitution of 1824 and the Law of 4/6/1830, students will take an open-notes quiz in eBackpack.
  • Thursday: We will find out how the conflict between Texans and Mexico are deepening.  Students will have Comic Life notes to complete for a grade.
  • Friday: We will read a short bio about Mexican General and sometimes President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and students will have questions to answer over the reading.

Week of 10/23

  • Monday: Review quiz over filibusters from last Thursday and Friday. Read and take notes over Stephen Austin and his first colony.
  • Tuesday: Students will use a graphic design app to create an advertisement for Austin's colony.
  • Wednesday: Students will have 15 minutes to finish and turn in their advertisement for Austin's colony. Then, we will review for Test 3.
  • Thursday: Students will take Test 3 over the following topics: Spanish Missions in Texas, Early Spanish Texas, Colonists Rebel, Anglo Americans in Texas, and Austin's Colony.
  • Friday: We will watch a video over Colonial Life in Texas.  Students will complete notes as they watch the video.

Week of 10/16

  • Monday: Students will complete a vocabulary assignment over Early Spanish Texas.  This will be the final grade for the 1st 9 Weeks.
  • Tuesday: We will read in the textbook and watch a short video about Father Miguel Hidalgo and how he influenced the Mexican Revolution.
  • Wednesday: Students will choose which assignment they wish to complete over Father Miguel Hidalgo.  The difficulty of the assignment will determine the highest possible grade they can earn.
  • Thursday: We will read and begin notes over the first Anglo Americans to begin settling in Texas. 
  • Friday: Students will complete the notes over Anglo Americans in Texas and turn them in for a grade.

Week of 10/9

  • Monday: Students will take notes over "Spanish Missions in Texas."
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Students will prepare a "still life" depicting life in the Spanish Missions and present them for the class.
  • Thursday: First 9 Weeks Test
  • Friday: Read and take notes over the other types of settlements in Early Spanish Texas.

Week of 10/2

  • Monday: Students will watch a documentary about the La Belle, and take a quiz over the first 1/2 of the video.
  • Tuesday: Students will finish the La Belle documentary and begin reviewing for Test 2. Topics covered will be: Native Texans, Spanish Explorers, and La Salle.
  • Wednesday: Finish Test 2 Review and play Kahoot! game if there's time.
  • Thursday: Test 2
  • Friday: Begin studying the Spanish Missions in Texas, focusing especially on the five San Antonio Missions.

Week of 9/25

  • Monday: Begin studying European Explorers in Texas.  We will read and take notes over the Spanish explorers.
  • Tuesday: We will finish our notes over the Spanish explorers and have a daily assignment over them.
  • Wednesday: We will learn about the French explorer LaSalle's fateful journey to Texas and the impact it had.
  • Thursday: We will finish learning about LaSalle and complete a daily assignment about him.
  • Friday: Comal County Fair Day--School Holiday

Week of 9/18

  • Monday: We'll finish our observation of "Constitution Day" by completing an activity about the Bill of Rights.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Review and Test. Topics that will be covered--Primary and Secondary Sources, Geographic Regions of Texas, including major cities and rivers, The Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Thursday and Friday: Begin learning about the Native Texan tribes.

Week of 9/11

  • Monday: We'll recognize 9/11 by watching a mini-documentary called "Boatlift."  Then we'll finish setting up our iPads.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Presentation and notes over the last two geographic regions of Texas. We will finish with an open notes quiz over the notes on Wednesday.
  • Thursday and Friday: Freedom Week--We will have lessons over the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Friday we will do an activity for a daily grade over the Bill of Rights.

Week of 9/4

  • Monday: Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday: Finish Primary and Secondary Notes and Process. (Daily Grade)
  • Wednesday: We will be downloading all necessary apps, textbook chapters, organizing Notability for the year, and sending Ms. Heitkamp an email to make certain we can contact each other outside of the classroom.
  • Thursday-Friday: Read Ch 3.2, take notes and complete process on Subregions of Texas. (Daily Grade)

Week of 8/28

  • This is where you will find a basic weekly agenda including information about upcoming tests and projects. The first week we will be doing a lot of "getting to know each other" activities as well as discussing procedures and expectations.

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