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Bienvenidos a las clases de Español

1a Hora - Español I

2a Hora - Español I

3a Hora - Español I

4a Hora - Español I Honors

5a Hora - Español II Honors

6a Hora - Español II Honors

7a Hora - Conferencia

Duty: Monday mornings, 8:00-8:20 - 500 building

Tutorials: MTWThF mornings, M-Th afternoons

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Videos of Spanish-speaking celebrities sharing their favorite Spanish words

Games, grammar activities, worksheets

Video, podcasts, current events and news
Estudio Abierto:
www.buenosaires.gov.ar/areas/cultura/estudioabierto/?menu_id=13761 (Argentina)
Radio naciones unidas:
www.unmultimedia.org/radio/spanish/features/4.html (Audio with written article)

*Spanish proficiency exercises from UT, from basic (numbers, describing people) to superior skill levels: 


Español I : CSS DEA LSK

Español I Honors :  DZP PKT WXE

Español I Honors :  DXX ALP KYJ



Please see district and campus information about classroom rules and procedures.

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Spanish program at New Braunfels Ninth Grade Center.  I anticipate a great year and hope you share our desire for academic excellence.  The Spanish curriculum is designed to develop proficiency in speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing, as well as to develop an understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture. 

I am very happy that you have chosen to study Spanish this year. Learning a foreign language will help you understand and appreciate cultural differences. This can be very exciting, but it also requires hard work, patience and cooperation.  Together, we can make it a productive and worthwhile year.  I expect the school year to be a mutually rewarding experience.  In order to achieve this goal, we must work together.  Therefore, in addition to school policies described in the student handbook, I expect you to follow these rules and procedures:

I believe that all of my students can behave appropriately in my classroom. I will not tolerate student behavior that stops me from teaching and/or keeps other students from learning.

Class Rules

  • Do what is right; do the best you can to follow the Golden Rule.
  • I follow all school policies regarding food and drink, dress code, and use of cell phones and electronics. PLEASE spare yourself the hassle of having to send a parent to the office to pick up your cell phone or iPad. Practice everyday good manners and courtesy in the classroom.
  • RESPECT the rights and property of others.
  • Time in the classroom will be spent learning Spanish. This is not a study hall for other course homework. Only materials for THIS class will be allowed at students’ desks. All other materials will be confiscated.
  • Please pay attention and follow directions the first time I give them.
  • There will be no food or drinks in the classroom (with the exception of water or cultural, curriculum-based activities).
  • Please maintain proper posture and keep feet off the furniture.  Face the front so that you can fully participate in class.
  • You will be allowed to leave class only in case of an emergency; get a drink, and go to the bathroom between classes.
  • Do not be tardy!  NBNGC tardy policy will be strictly enforced.
  • All notes taken in class must be hand-written. You can do this on your iPad or in a spiral notebook. Please decide within the first week which you prefer so you will have everything where you can find it.

Necessary Items/Materials Essential for Success in the Class


  1. BRING YOUR charged IPad              
  2. A spiral notebook, if desired        
  3. Paper for back-up                                             
  4. Earbuds for teacher-directed audio activities
  5. Stylus and Pen or Pencil
  6. A great attitude and lots of energy!


It is important that you attend class every day.  New concepts may be difficult to grasp. You need all possible exposure to the Spanish language.  Class begins when the bell rings.  Be prepared to work the entire class time.  I release you when class is over.


I follow NBNGC’s policy for make up work after an absence. If you were aware of the assignment prior to your absence, it is due the day you return to class.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00- 8:20. Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:35-4:00.

On other days I am on duty in the 500 Building. Please come find me if you need help.

General Course of Study In the Target Language:

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammatical Structures, Vocabulary and Culture

Grading System: Spanish I

I.  Major Grades(Lesson tests: projects/presentations)           50%

II. Daily Grades(Daily classroom activities, quizzes, homework, participation)          50%

Grading System: Spanish I PreAP and Spanish II PreAP

I.  Major Grades(Lesson tests: projects/presentations)           60%

II. Daily Grades(Daily classroom activities, quizzes, homework, participation)   40%

Test Retakes or Corrections

Option 1:        

A student who failed a test may retake the test under normal testing conditions after reteach during tutorials.  The grade will be 70% of their retest score.

Option 2

A student may do test corrections after reteach while under teacher supervision during tutorials.  If all corrections are completed successfully, a student who failed the test will earn half of the points up to an 70.  For example:  An original test grade of 50 on the test can be corrected to a 60 after doing test corrections.  A student who passed the test will earn up to 5 points. For example: An original test grade of 80 on the test can be corrected to 85 after doing test corrections.

In either instance it is up to the student to come to the teacher and complete either option within 5 school days of the test being returned.  If not completed in a timely manner, the original grade will remain in the grade book. 

The preceding class rules and procedures will provide good time and energy management in the classroom. I ask students for their cooperation, and I pledge to do my best to provide well-prepared lessons and guidance for my students. 

Additional Information:

We will be studying the basic skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammatical Structures, Vocabulary and Culture.  In class we will practice these skills in a variety of ways: dialogues, listening activities, individual/group exercises, etc.  I also plan to present the students with authentic material (such as music, newspaper/magazine articles, literature, etc.) that will allow them to hear and see the language in different contexts.  My goal is to present the students with meaningful material that will motivate their interest in the language.

Even though there may not be any written homework at times, students should always be practicing and reviewing class material.  I encourage you to ask your child what was covered in class.  Each lesson has a very important vocabulary list that is a great resource to review at home each day. The materials in the student notebooks and iPads are also great resources.  Please encourage your son/daughter to practice every day.  Regular, consistent practice is the KEY! I will publish lesson plans on my school website and should have them posted in iTunesU as well.

Please read classroom rules and procedures together to help you and your child understand what is expected for student success. This information is to be kept in each student’s iPad using Notability.

I invite all of my students to come for extra help during morning tutorials. It is important that all homework is done the night it is assigned.  This way, if there are any questions, morning tutorials can be used for additional clarification.  If a student is unable to attend a morning session, I will be available for afternoon help by appointment.

I post grades regularly so students can keep track of their grades and see if they are missing any work. Students will receive progress reports at the mid-9wks.  Report cards are sent home with the student at the end of every grading period. I would also like to encourage those of you to sign in to our parent access service, txConnect, which allows you to look at your child’s grades.  Log on to www.nbisd.org for details about getting connected. In addition, please feel free to contact me regarding student progress either by school phone (629 – 8653) or email me directly at lwaters@nbisd.org .  I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  I will also be sending you regular updates on class assignments and activities through “Monday Mail.”

Thank you for working with me to ensure a successful year.


Lori Waters 

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