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Oakrun Middle School

Girls Athletics/PE/Social Studies

7th grade Volleyball  

7th grade Basketball

7th & 8th Track & Field

6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to Girls' Athletics, Pre-Athletics, and 6th grade Social studies!  My name is Mégan Krueger and this is my 5th year at Oakrun and my 10th year in education.  I will be coaching 7th grade volleyball and basketball, and both 7th and 8th grade track and field .  I grew up right here in New Braunfels, graduated from NBHS in 1999 (wait, that gives away my age..:))  and couldn't wait to get back home to raise my own kids here!  There really is no place better to be.  

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Christian for 9 years and I have two sons, Brady (7) and Brooks (5).  I have one crazy dog, her name is Dusty and she drives us all nuts but we lover her to pieces.  I have taught 8th grade Language Arts, 6th and 7th grade math, and am super excited to dive into the Social Studies world this year right along side my 6th graders. 

I ran track at Texas A&M University (Whoop!) and I enjoy running around to my kids' sporting events and running local races in my spare time.  I absolutely cannot wait to work with your kids this year and watch them grow and learn to love being active, how to work together as a TEAM, and (hopefully) instill in them all the tools needed to be able to personally maintain and enjoy living active and healthy lifestyles.  Go Unicorns!

1st period      8:20-9:07      7th Grade Athletics

2nd period    9:11-10:03       *Conference Period*

3rd period    10:02-10:54    6th grade PRE Athletics

4th period    10:58-11:45    6th  grade PRE Athletics

        **A Lunch  11:49-12:19**

5th period    12:19-1:19       6thSocial Studies

6th period     1:23-2:10        PRE Athletics 6th/7th grade

7th period     2:14-2:44        ADVISORY

8th period     2:48-3:35        8th Grade Athletics

Mégan Krueger


(830)627-6416 (gym)  6412 (classroom)

Conference period:  9:11-10:00

Monday Mail


1. DWU ATTEMPT #1. Check together.

2. OBSERVE a video about the Geography of China; The Northern Desert Region

3. ASSIGNMENT - China Vocabulary Window Pane

STUDENT CHOICE - paper or electronic

a. Paper Copy – see me for handout, write in pen, color all illustrations with map pencils or crayons, neatness counts!

b. Electronic copy - KEYNOTE only, use attached assignment in iTunes U as your guide, cite your sources, 25 slides!

**Due Friday, May 10th



1. DWU ATTEMPT #2. Check together.

2. OBSERVE a video about Cultures of China; China’s Religions. Discuss with PEGS.

3. INDEPENDENT Work Time- Windowpane and Sneaker Project **Due Friday, May 10th


1. DWU ATTEMPT #3.  Check together.

2. OBSERVE videos about Tsunamis


a. China Vocabulary Window Pane

b. Sneaker Project


1. DWU ATTEMPT #4.  Check together.

2. OBSERVE a video about Nine Weeks in Asia


a. China Vocabulary Window Pane

b. Sneaker Project


1. DWU ATTEMPT #5.  Check together.

2. TEST - Political Map of Monsoon Asia


a. China Vocabulary Window Pane **Due TODAY, May 10th

b. Sneaker Project . **Due TODAY, May 10th

c. Asia Sneaker Vocabulary Window Pane

**Last day to turn in this late assignment**









Word Wall - China Vocabulary

1. Confucianism

2. Nontheistic

3. Buddha

4. Daoism

5. Knight

6. Feudalism

7. Confucius

8. Buddhism

9. Famine

10. Arable

11. Zero Population Growth

12. Doubling Time

13. Three Gorge Dam

14. Mao Zedong

15. Samurai

16. Drought

17. Migrant Workers

18. Consumption

19. Rate of Natural Increase

20. Infant Mortality Rate

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