Molly Linthicum

Girls Coordinator

6th-8th Physical Education

Molly Linthicum

Girls Athletic Coordinator

Physical Education Teacher



Welcome to my page! The 2019-2020 school year will be my fourth year with New Braunfels Middle School and seventh year as an educator and coach. I am the head coach of the volleyball program, an assistant coach for both basketball and track, and one of two physical education teachers on the girls side. Please see the links above for any pertinent information in regards to athletics or physical education. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at I look forward to meeting you! 

1st Period (8:20 - 9:10)  - 7th Grade Athletics

2nd Period (9:15 - 10:00)  - P.E.

3rd Period (10:05 - 10:50) - P.E.

Advisory (10:55 - 11:25)

A Lunch (11:25 -11:55)

4th Period (11:55 - 1:05) - P.E

5th Period (1:10 - 1:55) - P.E.

6th Period (2:00 - 2:45) - Conference

7th Period (2:50 - 3:35) - 8th Grade Athletics



E-mail -

Phone - 830 - 627 - 6378

Below you will find links to UIL paperwork that MUST be turned in to participate in athletics or any before or after school sports.

Online Paperwork

Physical Form

Athletic Handbook




                                8th grade: August 297h – August 29th from 3:35PM – 5:30PM

                                7th Grade: August 27th  – August 30th from 7:00AM – 8:00AM.



*You must have a current physical on file to participate*

Pre-Athletics:  An athletic starter program for 6th grade boys and girls that allow students to recognize and improve their athletic abilities and skills in the sports that are being offered at both the middle schools and high school as well.  This program will also provide a head start on addressing the importance of the student’s classroom work, conduct in the classroom, and the importance of making good grades.   Also, all students that elect to be in pre-athletics will have to adhere to the NBISD Athletic Dress Code.

Program goals:

  • To learn the basic fundamentals and skills necessary to be competitive in our 7th grade athletic programs.
  • It will be much more sport specific than the general physical education classes.
  • It will help students’ better understand the expectations and requirements of middle school athletics.
  • To help students determine if competitive athletics is the right choice for them.
  • To teach and reinforce basic life skills that is necessary for students’ successes not only in athletics but throughout life as well.
  • It will develop a sense of student pride to not only their current campus but in their high school campus as well.
  • While the program will not be used as a pre-requisite for athletics, it will be recommended to the students who are interested in competing for their schools’ 7th grade athletics.

Needs:  Each student will be required to “dress out” in a uniform (shorts and t-shirts) on a daily basis.  Athletic shoes will be required.  All students will be issued a locker in which they will keep their school clothes in while working out.  The students will be responsible for washing their uniform on a weekly basis.  The students will also be responsible for locking up their assigned locker and any personal belongings (jewelry, cell phones, iPad, etc.) that they might have with them.  Showers are available and we will encourage the students to take a shower after workout.  Students will need to bring soap, a towel, and some deodorant.

Grading Procedures:  Each student will start with 100 points per week

Points will be deducted weekly for:

            10 points-          If he/she is not dressed out in the required athletic attire

            10 points-          If they don’t participate

            10 points-          Poor Effort / Poor Attitude

Removal:  It is not our intention to remove a student from pre-athletics but if the need does arise, the student will be placed in a regular physical education class.  The reason(s) for removal may be for not following the rules/ guidelines and or persistent misbehavior either in the pre-athletic class or any of the student’s classes.  If a student is removed, regardless of the reason, he or she will still be considered for 7th grade athletics.

Life Skills:  Character; Class; Communication; Discipline; Honesty; Loyalty; Perseverance; Pride; Responsibility; Sportsmanship; Teamwork; Work Habits.

I have read and I understand the requirements of 6th Grade Pre-Athletics.  I am aware that this pre-athletic class is not a general physical education class.  I understand that this class is not a pre-requisite for 7th grade athletics.  I also understand that my student will be expected to dress out and to put forth maximum effort each day, just as they would for any other class. 

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Molly Linthicum

Girl's Coordinator

Head Volleyball Coach


New Braunfels Middle School Physical Education Syllabus


Physical Education goes well beyond the learning and playing of games. Physical Education and Health provides students with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle. The activities the NBMS PE program will be centered on individual and team sports, rhythm and movement, and nutrition and weight training. The students will be engaged in more advanced activities that develop cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. The classes will focus on working in groups to accomplish setting goals in both cooperative and competitive activities. The students will begin to find life-long fitness activities that fit their individual needs.



  • To be educated in the principles of fitness.
  • To demonstrate improvement in each of the areas of health related fitness.
  • To participate fully in all the activities provided and demonstrate skill awareness.
  • To exhibit positive attitudes and accept differences in others with encouragement to all.
  • To pass the Fitness Gram with practice throughout the year.



            Students will receive a minimum of 2 grades per week.  One will be for  participation (which may include a unit or skills test) and another for dressing out in the required PE uniform. A student may earn a total of 20 points daily for each. The weekly grades will be posted online by Monday of every week. Points will be deducted from the “Dressing Out” grade if…

  • The student is not wearing tennis shoes
  • She does not have her hair back
  • She is wearing jewelry
  • She is chewing gum
  • She does not have the correct required uniform


Along with an OFI (Opportunity For Improvement) the order of action taken for not dressing out in proper attire is as follows:


1st offense- warning/reminder

2nd offense- phone call home

3rd offense – phone call home

4th offense - lunch detention

5th offense – lunch detention


Parent and Doctor’s Notes

             A parent’s note to the teacher is only good for 2 days. After 2 days, the child will need to see a doctor or receive points off for not dressing out. On parent notes, please include a phone number where the parent may be reached in case the teacher has any questions. When a student has a note allowing her not to participate, she will be given alternative assignments to earn her daily grade.



            Like all other classes, students are responsible for making up their absences and daily grade by completing an alternative assignment (20 pushups). The student will be given 2 days after returning to school to complete their pushups in order to receive credit. It is the student’s responsibility to make up this grade – not the teacher’s.


            Each student will be issued a locker. Students will need to bring their own combination lock. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is the student’s responsibility to lock up her things. A student may not change, switch lockers, or share lockers for any reason unless she has consulted with a coach first.


We look forward to a fun year with your student. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Thank you.




Coach Linthicum                                                                                                                                          



Please complete this page stating that you understand the rules and goals of Physical Education at New Braunfels Middle School.

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