John Donley
7th Grade Science

Mr. Donley's 7th Grade Science Class

Welcome to 7th grade science! This course is focused primarily on life science and serves as a foundation for 8th grade science and high school biology.

My daily schedule
1st period - 7th science
2nd period - 7th science
3rd period - 7th science
4th period/lunch - conference
5th period - 7th science
6th period - 7th science
7th period - 7th science

You can reach me by email anytime -
The best time to reach me by phone is after 4:00 pm - (830) 627-6374

This course is graded in accordance with the district grading policy and campus guidance.
Major grades (tests, major projects, major labs) - 50% of overall grade
Daily grades (quizzes, minor projects, minor labs, class work) - 40% of overall grade
Homework and warm-ups - 10% of overall grade

Tips for success
1) Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night; 9-10 hours of sleep is even better.
     a. Plan your bedtime and stick to it.
     b. Turn off all iPads, phones, and/or computers before getting in bed.
     c. Make your room as dark as you can.
2) Explain, or teach, what you think you've learned to someone else; teach to an empty room if you have to.
3) Quiz yourself frequently over what you think you've learned; Quiz for 20-25 minutes at a time, then take a break.
4) Ask questions in class about concepts you'd like clarified, explained again, or explained in more detail.
5) Come to morning tutorials to practice or get assistance. Extra effort pays off.
6) Organize your subjects into folders, and use a planner/calendar to plan out each week.
7) Don't be satisfied with simply passing - work hard to earn the best grade you can.
8) Come prepared to school each day (paper, pencils, charged iPad, folders).
9) Choose your friends wisely. Strengthen relationships with people of good character; dissolve relationships with people who aren't.
10) Exercise regularly and be active; it's great for your muscles and your brain.

Teacher background
Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX
College: Texas A&M University (College Station)
Degree: B.S. Biomedical Science, M.Ed. Physical Education (emphasis in Outdoor Experiential Education)
Teaching experience: 11 years teaching 7th grade science
                                   3 years teaching 5th graders at the Houston ISD Outdoor Education Center

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