Judith A. James, Honors Chemistry
For the week of May 25, 2020, chemistry students should be working on:

On Monday, May 25, it is Memorial Day Holiday.


For chemistry this school year, there is nothing more to do. My final grades have been posted.


Have a great summer.


The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of her wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.  Khalil Gibran

Judith A. James, Chemistry Teacher, Room 312

jjames@nbisd.org.         830-627-6037

Conference Period 5th


1st period - Honors Chemistry

2nd period - Honors Chemistry

3rd period - Honors Chemistry

4th period - Honors Chemistry

C Lunch

5th period - Conference

6th period - Honors Chemistry

7th period - Honors Chemistry


Tutoring and office hours will be during the week every morning from 7:45 am until 8:30 am, and every afternoon from 4:05 pm until 4:50 pm. On my duty day, Thursday, I have to leave for duty each morning at 8:15 and do not make it back to the room until about 8:45, so that cuts into tutoring some on Thursday. Also, on Thursday afternoons, I have to leave for duty promptly at 4:05 pm and don't make it back until about 4:25 pm so that cuts into tutoring some also on Thursday afternoons.

2019-20 will begin my 6th year teaching chemistry at NBHS. Before teaching chemistry, I taught a year of physics in Austin. Before that I was an engineer working in the electric utility industry doing regulatory work (figuring out standards, rules, and regulations for electric transmission companies) and some in the chemical industry doing chemical process design and environmental permitting. I have worked in and around the electric and chemical industries for about 25 years. I have degrees in chemical engineering and law from the University of Arkansas.

Chemistry Classroom Procedures and Rules


You are responsible for knowing and following school, class, and lab safety rules. Read your student handbook so that you will know where you need to be, when you need to be there, what to wear and how to behave. Please dress appropriately, be on time (in your assigned seat at the bell and working on the warm-up), be prepared for class, be respectful of your teacher and your classmates, and use your best manners at all times.


iPad - Please always bring your charged iPad to class. It is unacceptable to have an iPad that is not already charged when you come to class. Your iPad will contain your chemistry course materials (including a pdf chemistry textbook) and assignments. If I see you using your iPad for anything other than chemistry, your iPad will be blocked while in my classroom, and your parent will be notified.

Pencil and Paper - Please always have a sharpened pencil and paper. Even though you have an iPad, you will also work on paper. I sell composition books if you like for 50 cents each one per student until they run out.

Calculator I have a class set of calculators for use ONLY in the classroom. The class calculators should never be removed from the room for any reason. You may wish to own your own calculator. If so, make sure that it is a scientificcalculator (one that accepts scientific notation and exponential numbers.)

Ear buds Occasionally, I will assign something to which you must listen on your iPad in class. It is a good idea to have ear buds. I should never see your ear buds unless I have given an electronic listening assignment to you.


Your phone should be Turned Off And Put Away (TOAPA) before you enter the classroom, and should remain so until I have verbally dismissed the class. Since you have an iPad to use at school, there will be no excuse for you to have your phone out in class. Any acceptable reason to use an electronic device in the room will be accomplished by using your iPad. If you have your phone out in class, or if I see or hear your phone (or any other electronic device besides iPad or calculator), I will take it up and turn it into the office. Your parent will be notified to come to school to pick it up. The landline phone in the classroom is not for student use.


Daily grades are averaged as 40% of your grade. Daily grades always include quizzes and labs. Some other worksheet activities may also be taken for a daily grade. Class activities and other assignments may be graded in a variety of ways including checking for completion as well as checking for correct answers. Major grades are 60% of your average. Major grades will always be tests and projects. If a student fails a test, they may do corrections on the failed test and then retest for a maximum grade of 70. Corrections and retakes on quizzes are NOT allowed.


Any class activity that is not completed in class is considered homework, whether it is for a grade or not. Daily work that is for a grade is due at the beginning of class (by the time the tardy bell has rung). We will do many activities, but not all of them will be due for a grade. However, you must still complete all activities if you are going to learn the material and be ready for quizzes and tests. If an assignment that is due for a grade is late , it may be turned in up to 1 day late for a maximum grade of 70. After 1 day of lateness, it becomes a zero. Working on a late assignment during class is not allowed. Show all of your work in order to receive credit. For class activities that are not taken for a grade, I post activity answer keys in the room for students to check their own work.


A cheating incident occurs when a student (The Copier) copies work from another student (The Enabler). When I discover that this has occurred, both The Copier(s) AND The Enabler(s) will receive a zero on the assignment, quiz, test, lab, project, etc. Note: All students should hold their work close so that accidental enabling does not occur. If your work shows up in someone elses work, you will be considered The Enabler.


You should be in your desk by the tardy bell working on the warm-up each day. You are dismissed from class when your teacher says Class Dismissed. I will not dismiss a class until all calculators are put away and all students are in their assigned seat. If you should miss class, find out ahead what your assignments will be or come during my office/tutoring hours the first day back and check your missed assignments. Assignments that are due on the day of your absence will not be considered late if you turn them in your first day back. If you are aware of an upcoming test, expect to take the test your first day back after an absence unless you were absent for new material the last class period before the test. Missing only a test review does not entitle you to postpone your test. Missed tests and labs should be made up before or after school during tutorials. Class time is not used for making up work.


During the course of the year students will work together in pairs or small groups on daily assignments, especially on labs. Your completed work however should always be your own NOT some version of your lab partners or friends. You may be sharing some of the data from the lab, but you each do your own calculations and work in your own writing, and each student in the group turns in their own separate paper and their own work. I do not give grouplab grades except zeros. If I notice two or more lab papers or assignments that look identical (or any portion thereof looking identical or as though it was shared), it will be treated as a cheating incident and all students involved will receive a zero. See Rule # 6 above.


Sometimes students will need to make up missed work or need extra help outside of class to be successful. For this, I have office tutorial hours each day in Room 312 from 7:45 to 8:30 a.m. and from 4:05 to 4:50 pm, unless we are on a special schedule or have a faculty meeting. I have duty one day a week on Thursdays for 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon, so on Thursdays my tutorial/office hours are cut into a little bit.


Students are NOT to leave the classroom for any reason without permission from the teacher. Permission to leave will be granted for emergencies only OR if the student presents the teacher with an official pass that requires them to leave during class. While students are expected to use the passing period between classes to take care of personal needs such as going to the restroom, they may request a restroom pass from the teacher, but not during the first or last ten minutes of class. Students should plan accordingly by knowing where the restrooms are located and making sure that they go there first before coming to the room. Requesting a restroom pass during class should be reserved for severe urgencies or emergencies only. At any rate, students needing to leave the room will not be given a pass until they have turned in their phone to the teacher. It will be kept in a locked drawer and returned to the student when the student returns the pass to the teacher.


Food, gum, candy, and snacks are not allowed in the chemistry classroom at any time. Because the room is specially designed for laboratory use, it becomes a safety/health issue when food is consumed in the room. A plastic cup or metal container with a screw lid is allowed to keep at a desk for something to drink.

Judith A. James, Honors Chemistry Course Contract 2019-20

Student Name__________________                  Period____________

The purpose of this Chemistry course is to develop problem-solving skills and to provide a background that will allow students to be a scientifically literate adult as they pursue college and/or a career of their choice. To accomplish this, communication and understanding must exist between parents, students, and teachers. As a first step, please read the class procedures and rules, the course syllabus, and the lab safety rules. Then read and sign this course contract.

StudentI agree to organize my time and effort to successfully complete this Chemistry course. I will notify the teacher immediately if I need help in understanding or completing the material. I agree to notify my parents if I am having trouble in the course. I will seek help by asking questions during class and coming to tutorials during office hours if I have trouble understanding the material. I will monitor my posted grades in order to be aware of my progress. I have received, read and understand, and will follow the classroom rules and procedures, lab safety rules, and course syllabus.

ParentI agree to be familiar with the Chemistry course requirements and to help my child organize their time in support of class assignments. I understand that I will need to encourage and support my child’s use of after-hours tutorials if they are having trouble with the course material. I will notify the teacher immediately of any concerns that I have relating to the course or my child’s progress. I have read, understand, and accept the classroom procedures and rules, lab safety rules, and course syllabus. I am aware that I can monitor this course by looking at the Monday Mail on the teacher’s website (http://schools.nbisd.org/page/JudithJames-Home), or by signing up for Monday Mail email. (You may sign up for Monday Mail by emailing Ms. James jjames@nbisd.org and requesting to be added to the Monday Mail list.) I am also aware that I can use txConnect for New Braunfels ISD to monitor my child’s grades. Additionally, I am aware that the chemistry course is being offered on the Canvas platform on my child’s iPad, and I can view Canvas on their iPad to see the course assignments.

TeacherI agree to teach this Chemistry course at the level and pace established by the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge Standards). Students will be notified if their assigned work and/or behavior are unsatisfactory. I agree to maintain and post weekly (in classroom by student ID) current grades that will allow students to monitor their own progress if they do not have access to txConnect. I will offer tutoring before and after school each day for about 45 minutes, unless I have a meeting to attend. (On Thursdays, I have a 20 minute duty each morning and afternoon that cuts into tutoring time some.)

Student Signature_____________________________________ Date __________

Parent Signature______________________________________ Date __________

Teacher Signature_____________________________________ Date __________


Students will be removed from the science activity area by the teacher if:

  1. Their personal appearance or dress is such that they can cause injury to themselves or to other students.
  2. They are behaving in such a manner that they can cause injury to themselves or to other students.
  3. They are not following the prescribed safety rules for the science activity area or the particular science activity being conducted.
  4. They are going beyond the limits of the science activity into areas that may lead to an unsafe situation.
  5. They have not completed the pre-experiment activities that will allow them to work safely in the laboratory situation.


Contact lenses are controversial in the science laboratory. Some experts feel that they are an added risk if there is a chemical splashed in the eye. All students must wear safety goggles to prevent any such accidents. As a parent, the decision is yours. Please check the option that applies:

_______  My child will be wearing contact lenses in the lab.

_______  My child will not be wearing contact lenses in the lab.


I would like to inform the school that my child has the following physical or medical situations that could affect their learning in a science class: (specific allergies, etc)

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________


I, __________________, have read all of the safety rules, including those given in 

                    Student name

addition to the ones listed above.  I understood what they meant when they were assigned and discussed in class.  I will keep the safety rules given to me in my notebook for reference and easy access.

Student signature ____________________ Date __________


I, __________________, have read all of the safety rules.  I have discussed them 

                    Parent or guardian

with my child and feel that my child understands what they mean and the conditions for removal from class. 

Parent signature ____________________ Date __________


Home phone ____________ Business phone ____________


Email ____________________

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