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Back-to-School Overview

The following are specific to New Braunfels High School:


1.2 Considerations Before Selecting

  • NBHS will be moving from a 7-period day to a modified A/B block bell schedule to decrease the number passing periods. This will also decrease teacher exposures to large numbers of students each day. 

  • Remote Learning students will use iPad to access Canvas (Learning Management System) 

  • NBISD grading policy will be followed


3.1 Personal Protection

  • Masks will be mandatory for all students and staff members when social distancing is not possible. 

  • NBHS will provide students with a mask if the student does not have one.   Discipline consequences may be assigned to students who forget to bring their mask to school on multiple occasions. 

  • Teachers and staff will complete online health self screening form before entering the school each day

  • Teachers will use seating strategies to maintain social distancing in their classrooms (spacing desks/chairs the appropriate distance, moving tables further apart)

  • When  6 ft. social distancing is not feasible in the classroom, masks will be mandatory at all times in classrooms

  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer will be strongly encouraged. 

3.2 Safety Screening

  • Teachers will educate students at the beginning of the year, and small reminders through the year on the signs, symptoms and protocols for COVID 19

  • Nurses will be available at all times to address COVID 19 concerns

  • Principal will send out a School Messenger to all parents and students to remind them of the guidelines on how to report that their student is sick, and protocol for returning to school

3.3 Guidelines for Campus Visitors

  • Minimize the number of visitors allowed on campus

  • Virtual student registration will replace in person registration 

  • Virtual conferences and meetings will be utilized when possible 

  • No food delivery for students or staff will be allowed during the school day

3.4 Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines

  • Water fountains will be turned off, bottle filling stations will remain on and be available for student and staff usage 

  • Students will sanitize hands before and after the handling of classroom materials

  • Classroom surfaces will be wiped down between each class.

Student Meals

  • NBHS will move from three lunch periods to four  to limit the number of students in the cafeteria at one time

  • Tables will be spread throughout the cafeteria and lower commons

  • Tables will be color coded blue and white to indicate which tables can be used during each lunch, (A lunch blue tables, B lunch white tables, C lunch blue, D lunch white) 

  • By alternating tables this also allows the custodians to effectively and efficiently clean the tables and allow disinfectant to dry

  • 3 students to a table

  • NBHS  will be increasing the number of tables and offer seating outside for lunch

  • Signage and tape will be applied to cafeteria tables, and floors to direct student traffic and indicate where the students will sit.

  • Students waiting in lunch line will be 6 ft. apart

School Arrival, Dismissal, and Transitions

  • Students and visitors will not be allowed in building until staff members arrive

  • Signage and tape on exterior of building to promote social distancing as students enter the building

  • Increase staff supervision during dismissal time to assist in maintaining social distancing among students

  • Ninth graders traveling from Ninth Grade Center before high school releases will be held outside the building and they will be allowed to use the restroom or get water one at a time (weather permitting)

  • NBHS will change traffic flow patterns in hallways and stairways to support social distancing

  • During dismissal, students will be allowed to exit the building using all doors to minimize contact 

  • Multiple entryways and exits for staff and students will be used  to promote social distancing

6.1 Classroom Configuration & Procedures

  • There will be signage in classrooms and hallways to remind students to wash their hands

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms

  • No sharing of lockers and limit the number of students coming in and out of the locker room. 

6.2 Use of Non-Classroom Spaces and Common Spaces

  • Teachers can utilize the outdoor learning classroom, auditorium, gyms, and common areas as needed to help social distance their students

  • At dismissal all students will be asked to wait outside weather permitting

  • No pep rallies or assemblies

7.3 Physical Education

  • No sharing of lockers, rotate a few students at a time in and out of locker room area to change their clothes

  • Use outdoor fields, track, and facilities as much as possible (weather permitting)

  • Students will be allowed to bring their own water bottles

  • PE teachers will promote physical activities that adhere to social distancing parameters

8.1 Campus Procedures for Confirmed or Suspected Cases

  • Students, staff and teachers who are ill and can not leave campus immediately will be isolated in a specific room that will be marked by signage

  • Staff/teachers will call admin to report they are ill and then exit campus

  • Rooms of ill teachers will be disinfected appropriately and immediately

  • Admin will ensure the COVID 19 reporting procedures followed.

Intermittent “School-To-Home” Instruction

  • All teachers will provide instruction through Canvas 

  • Attendance procedures will be determined. 

10.2 Devices & Internet Access

  • Campus iPad Tech and the help desk will be available for remote learners

  • A specific day and time will be designated for remote learners to pick up ipads and textbooks (drive up)

  • Tec21.org to find training videos

10.3 Engagement Expectations

  • Remote students will follow daily designated class schedule

  • Remote students will submit assignments by timeline and due date

  • Utilize the swivel for AP  and dual credit classes to maintain rigor 

10.4 Attendance

  • NBHS will be using synchronous and asynchronous remote learning

  • Students will be expected to participate daily in assigned classes per current bell schedule

  • Attendance will be taken for each class based on turning in assignments, logging into canvas, and student/teacher interaction


10.5 Elective Courses for On-Camus Instruction Only

Please refer to the NBISD Reopening Plan for the most up-to-date information and listing of affected courses. 


10.9  Meal Services

  • If NBHS is labeled as a designated meal service pick up location we will provide sack lunches for remote learners.  We will use the back of the school bus loop for pick up. Time of pick will be different than scheduled  lunch time on campus to allow cafeteria staff to help with food prep and distribution.

10.11 Social-Emotional Learning

  • Parents/students in need of a counselor may contact their counselor directly to schedule a time to Zoom conference. 

  • Students who are struggling after speaking with their counselor or need more intense counseling will be referred to Connections Counseling or CIS

  • Outside counseling services will be permitted, but will have a designated meeting location that ensures private social distancing. 

For the complete Reopening Plan for NBISD, CLICK HERE.

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