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Dual Credit for 2022-2023

The first step in signing up for dual credit is selecting possible coursework. The deadline for submitting the dual credit course selection page is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th.  There are many steps to enrollment in dual credit, but this is the first step. Subsequent steps will be sent out via email the week of February 1st to those who have submitted the selection page. Course selection pages will be available in the front and back offices. It can also be downloaded below. Submit completed forms to the front office.




Dual Credit/OnRamps/AP---What's the difference? 

See attached to understand the different ways to get college credit:  DC/OR/AP




Students that submitted a dual credit course selection page were sent an email today containing a checklist of next steps in registration. The last day to submit a selection page is Tuesday 2/8.  All steps in the checklist are due 2/25. Please reference our dual credit page (click on Academic Programs above, then Dual Credit) for more information.

Sophomore Parent Meeting

Counselors held a parent meeting on 1/27/22 for sophomore parents. If you missed the meeting or would like a copy of the presentation, please see link below.

Class of 2024 Parent Meeting Presentation (YouTube)

PDF of Class of 2024 Parent Meeting Presentation


Interested in Dual Credit??? Part ONE of the process is DUE December 15th

Please turn in Part ONE to Stephanie Dean (Next Steps Center) no later than December 15th. The next steps in the process will be shared with you once you complete this process.

Course Selection Meetings with Current Juniors   
Counselors will meet with juniors during their English III classes the weeks of November 8 and November 15th to discuss senior year course selections. Prior to these meetings, please have your student log onto Eduthings using the link below. Once students are on the Eduthings site, you will see their four year plans which include courses previously taken, currently being taken, and planned for the following year. Please review the senior year course selections with your student. When counselors meet with students, counselors will update the courses in Eduthings.
Username: XXXXXX (school id number) 
Password: XXXXXX (school id number)  
If you wish to learn more about the courses offered at NBHS, please use the link below to view the course catalog. Course selections need to adhere to prerequisite and endorsement requirements. 
 Please know that you will also receive a copy of senior course selections in May, so parents and students will have an additional opportunity to request changes. Should you have any questions, please contact your student's alpha counselor. Post-secondary information will be provided to juniors and their parents during the spring semester. 




November 4th @ 6:30pm-7:30pm SAT/ACT/TSI/ASVAB Informational Night

This meeting is designed for Junior parents and students but open to all grade levels. We will discuss the difference in SAT/ACT/TSI/ASVAB, the importance of taking these exams, and when to take these exams. Hosted in the New Braunfels High School Auditorium.

September 13, 2021

If you are planning on taking the AP Exam this year, please make sure to complete the following AP Test Registration Steps:

1) Sign up for your course section through https://myap.collegeboard.org (check with your teacher to get the correct join code)

2) Change your exam indicator to "yes."

3) Pay the full amount for your AP exams via https://aptsusa.com/nbhs/ap/ under "Submit AP Exam Fees" widget.

Also, please be mindful of the following deadlines:

November 5, 2021 : Last day to register and pay for AP Exams to avoid the $40 late fee (full year courses only)

March 5, 2022: Absolute last day to register and pay for AP Exams (applies to both full year AND semester courses) This is also the last day to cancel exams for a refund, less the $40 cancellation fee levied by College Board You can find more information regarding registering for the AP exam by visiting https://aptsusa.com/nbhs/ap/. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's AP teacher.





October 28th @ 6:30pm-7:30pm Student Loans & Managing Money Informational Night

This meeting is designed for Senior parents and students. The guest speaker is a financial advisor that specializes in helping students stay debt free in college. She will go over different types of student loans and how to manage money for college.   Hosted in the New Braunfels High School Auditorium.



September 7, 2021

Attention all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders: Registration for the October 16 PSAT is now open. The cost of the exam is $20 and the deadline to register is September 13, 2021. To register and pay for the exam, please visit http://aptsusa.com/nbhs. Once again the deadline to register is September 13, 2021. As per the College Board deadline, no late registrations will be accepted. 

Learn more about the PSAT: https://blog.prepscholar.com/what-is-the-psat-test

September 6, 2021

Schedule change requests CLOSED on Friday at 4:20pm. If you submitted a request before that time, we will review on Monday. Level changes (down only) will be accepted at each grading period. Make appointments with your counselor at the end of the grading period if you feel this is needed.

    August 6, 2021

    Please review our "Meet the Counselors" page to make sure you know who your counselor is. We have some wonderful new counselors on staff that are ready to meet you, along with some familiar faces from last year. The alphabet split has changed slightly, so you might review that to make sure you know who your counselor is. We are ready to help with social/emotional needs, post-secondary planning, and other counseling services throughout the year. Can't wait to see our Unicorns back on campus!

    August 26, 2021

    If you have submitted a schedule change form or will be doing so shortly, please be patient with the counselor's reply. We are fielding 500+ schedule change requests at this time and that is going to take counselors' time. We are asking that the schedule change request process (below) be followed, and to not follow up with emails, phone calls, or visits to the office as that will delay our response time substantially.

    August 23, 2021

    Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!!!! The most frequently asked question this week is "How can I change my schedule?" Information about schedule change requests, including valid reasons to request a change, will be printed on the bottom of their schedule.


    How Do I Request a Change?

    First, it is important to understand that schedule changes have significant negative impacts on class size, instructional effectiveness, and teacher availability, therefore only certain requests will be honored. Students will have the first two weeks of the semester to request a schedule correction.

    • Program changes (band, athletics, ROTC, etc) must be requested on a blue form available in the front office. Parent and teacher signatures are required.
    • Level changes (AP to academic, honors to academic, etc) must be requested on a hot pink form available from the front office. Parent and teacher signatures are required.
    • All other changes for one of the reasons listed below must be requested using our online form on the counselor's website. The link to request changes will be activated at the END of the first day of school. You can find the link under your counselors' picture on "Meet the Counselors" page. Students should check their email regularly to receive news regarding the status of their request. Only changes that meet the criteria for schedule changes will be granted.
    • Valid reasons for schedule changes: Two of same class; Missing a class; Senior who is missing a class required for graduation; Does not have a full schedule/missing class; Has previously failed course with same teacher; Does not have prerequisites for course; Earned credit for the course already.
    July 28, 2021
    Graduated students: Do you need to order a SAC transcript for your dual credit courses? Please follow the instructions  attached on getting that task accomplished.

    Order your SAC transcript

    TEA's Graduation Toolkit has valuable information in making sure your student finishes high school strong and meeting all graduation requirements:




    Students will be notified of the course verification process in early May. This process is used as a final check to ensure courses selected for the 21-22 school year accurately reflect student choices. This is the last time students can make changes to their selections for the upcoming year. 




    TSIA Registration link:  



    Students looking for TSIA2 test prep materials can find some at:





    Counselors will meet with sophomores for 2021-2022 course selection in mid-February. Students can access Eduthings to see their 4 year plans prior to the meeting. Changes can be made with counselors during the selection meeting.


    Parents are encouraged to review selections in Eduthings so updates can be made during these meetings. Students will receive course verification sheets in May for a final review of course selections.

    See log-in information for Eduthings below.

    Username:   XXXXXX (local id)
    Password:    XXXXXX (local id)


    The link for TSI Registration is open for those completing the dual credit process. Please note that Part 1 is due January 8th. See dual credit page for steps in the process.  TSIA Testing Registration

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