New Braunfels High School Green Cord Program

New Braunfels High School Green Cord Program


NBHS created the NBHS Green Cord Community Service Award Program tailored after a program in Keller ISD. Its purpose is to create an incentive for the New Braunfels High School student body to actively participate in volunteer community work and to provide a simple way for students to officially document their service hours (for college entrance applications and resumes, scholarship applications, etc.)

The effectiveness of the Green Cord Program lies within the extensiveness of student involvement.


To give special recognition to students who demonstrate a willingness and a passion to volunteer their time and labor in serving others.

To encourage students to develop the habit of performing community service and responsibility by completing documentation forms.

To create communication links between the students of New Braunfels High School and the volunteer service needs of the community.


The Green Cord Community Service Award Program is a program, which gives special recognition to students their senior year at graduation that complete 150 or more hours of volunteer service. Students who wish to participate must document hours in Xello. See below for information on how to do this.

Hours must be accumulated starting June 1st of the summer before a student’s freshman year and later to count towards Green Cord.

True service is a giving of one’s time and labor while under no obligation to do so. An act of community service, therefore, is such service performed voluntarily for the betterment of an individual or group of individuals. NBHS will recognize all acts of this kind as valid community service activities.


Certain areas of community service are considered exceptions to the normal guidelines stated above. Service rendered while fundraising will only be considered acceptable service if the fund directly benefit a non-profit organization or similar group. Only true service hours count toward the program, not travel or sleep time (i.e. for a service trip only actual hours worked are acceptable). Hours for babysitting without pay will only count if done for an organization – not individuals. Doing work for your parents for other family members without pay is not considered community service.


If a question arises concerning the acceptability of an act as a valid community service the designated administrator will decide objectively on the matter. The administrator is not responsible for ensuring the students will understand the acceptability guidelines; students who perform service, which is not acceptable, will be exclusively liable for their mistakes. If in doubt about whether or not an act will count, please see principal/principal designee.

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  • All community service hours performed by a student who wishes to participate in the program must be documented on the Green Cord Community Service Documentation Form signed by the person who supervised the community service hours.

  • Students must log their hours into Xello and upload the Service Documentation Form verifying the hours worked.

  • Each student is solely responsible for uploading his/her own documentation forms into Career Cruising. Forms, which are not completed to the satisfaction of administration, will be rejected and the student will be made aware of the rejection via school email.

  • The Service hours must be accumulated by May 1 of a student’s graduation year. Community service documentation will be deemed valid only if recorded, logged, and verified within the above timeframe.

After May 1, the total number of valid community service hours performed by each participating student will be tallied. Once the final hours are posted, the student will have one week to clear up any discrepancies with their hours. Any student who completes the required number of hours by May 1 of their graduating year will be said to have met the requirements of the Green Cord Community Service Award Program and will receive a green cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony.
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